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Weird Rumor: No Canon EOS 7D Mark II To Come?

EOS 7D Mark IIEOS 7D Mark II

Update: More about the issue here.

This is a pretty weird rumor, but since it comes from a good source I decided to post it anyway. The source stated that Canon will not replace the EOS 7D with a new model, i.e. with the long rumored EOS 7D Mark II. This rumor goes against what we and others have posted in the past months about the 7D Mark II (all 7D2 rumors here).

Not replacing the 7D, according to the source, appears to be part of a general revamping of Canon’s DSLR line-up, the source stated it is “the biggest change in Canon’s history“. To me this rumor comes as a surprise and I can’t yet say if it is plausible or not. I do also not have any cue what the revamping of the line-up may imply. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the Canon EOS 70D is so feature-packed that it could be hard to beat it as Canon’s APS-C flagship. The 20MP sensor featured on the 70D is Canon’s most advanced APS-C sensor so far and it could be difficult for a 7D Mark II to offer something that is or has much more than the 70D’s sensor. I doubt that the rumored 4MP more resolution (24MP) would be enough to make a 7D2 attractive compared to the 70D.

As for the revamping, that’s what puzzles me most. It is true that Canon introduced the 7D as the APS-C flagship while moving the xxD line-up from the semi-pro segment to a more Rebel-like marketing segment (when they introduced the EOS 60D, which lacked the build quality and advanced feature set of the predecessors). With the 70D Canon moved the xxD line-up back to the semi-pro level. That could mean there is no place/no need for a 7D2. Another thing: the entry-level, full-frame EOS 6D saw a price drop in the last weeks and appears now to be stable at $1499 at all major retailers (final price after having added to cart: Amazon  | B&H | Adorama). For the time being the price difference between the 70D and the 6D is around $500 (the 70D also saw a price drop to $950). If the price difference between the 70D and the 6D gets even more reduced then I wonder where and how the 7D2 will find its own place between the other two. Just my 2 cents.

What do you think, isn’t that a weird rumour…?

  • Fil

    Well, it’s not that weird I think. But, I don’t think there’s no place for a possible 7D II in the lineup. The 70D is good, but a 7D II could have a pro body, better fps, better AF, two card slots, other pro features. I think this things can matter to most people. I mean, no company had a real contender for the 7D for these simple reasons. Why not doing it again?

    • St.

      It is exactly the Nikon story with D400.
      I think the two big ones have something in mind and will surprise us all.
      Let’s see…

  • DW

    I think that if Canon wanted to bring out the 7D MK II, they would have by now, why wait so long? Looks like they are doing the exact same as Nikon by not bringing out the D300 replacement. *Maybe* they will react on the Pentax K-3. Only time will tell…

  • Admin

    good points. I got the rumour a week ago and was long thinking if I should give it some credit. At the end I did. But it is still puzzling me. Fil is right: If Canon wants they will always find a way to pack the right features into the 7D2 to make it a more pro-oriented APS-C DSLR. DW is also right, since the 7D2 is definitely delayed for too long, and then there is the 70D. Only time will tell.

  • Hauaen

    That would be a sad day and an inexplicable one. The very fast & very tough bodies will have no real representative below £2300 and that’s unacceptable. The 6D is certainly no substitute.
    Personally, I’d like a 1D body with a 16mp APS-C sensor optimised for speed and DR, a spiritual successor to the 7D and 1D4. After all, with Canons lacklustre dip into the mirrorless market, isn’t this the kind of thing that differentiates them from that market?

  • steve Griffin

    Maybe a new camera will not be called the 7D II, maybe it will start a new numeric generation. Canon know their buisness but the delay in a 7D replacement and a significant mirrorless entry (e.g. A7 or Fuji X) baffles many and may eventually cost them dearly.

    • Funny

      How? So far Nikon hasn’t presented a D400 (and it seems they won’t be doing it any time soon) and Sony has yet to reveal any upgrade from the A77 (They are focused on their mirrorless market).

      Nikon and Canon both updated their enthusiast line (D7100 and 7D respectively)and people are pleased with it.

      Most of you may not know it but… Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax Don’t do most of their money from the pro or semi pro market, they do it in the entry level market (that’s why it is updated more often).

      Most of the pros are happy with the 7D as it turned out to be a solid and robust camera to work with, it isn’t likely the 7D turned into a bad camera today…

  • Canon DSLR line up is weird and messed up. If Canon is rethinking this mess, I wish they would simplify it to the degree when everyone can tell what camera is capable of only by model numbers. Sony until recently had a very clear system and it felt neat. I think partially Sony success in photo market was because of it. Now they also messed it up. Canon should go clean, clear, simple with names and worldwide. All this rebels, kisses and 1100Ds confuse people. Olympus, Pentax, Fuji also have unreadable systems, but for Canon line up simplicity would be a great winning point.

    • Funny

      Messed up?? you can easily discern what the cameras do and what sector they are aimed to:

      EOS Rebel/XXXD/XXXXD Line is entry level
      EOS XXD Line is enthusiast
      EOS 6D, 7D is semipro
      EOS 5D, 1D and 1Ds Pro camera line

      • Sella174

        And that is exactly where Canon’s line-up falls apart, by labeling cameras as “entry-level”, “enthusiast”, “semi-pro”, and “professional”.

  • CanonFan

    that´s pure bullocks… there are prototypes of the 7D MK2 out and you sure will see them at the coming winter olympics if you look closely.

    • Eric

      They can still choose not to release in the market.

    • Funny

      There are literally all kind of lens and camera prototypes being tested all year long and many of them don’t see a release date, the reason is that Canon isn’t willing to:
      a) Make the same mistake of the EOS 1D MKIII -rushing flawed products- and flop with their pro sector.
      b) They could be testing new technology and not per-se a new camera to be released soon.

  • Funny

    The problem is easy to discern: What can you do in terms of features that doesn’t tramples with the price point of the EOS 6D, can they add more features like more FPS, more rugged body, double card slot, etc. Sure thing! But then they will have two cameras competing in the same price range.

    Also the fact that the 7D even today is a really great camera (only cat whisker peepers would disagree), you have the option of a movie oriented digital SLR with nice photo features (70D) or a photo oriented digital SLR with nice movie features (7D).

    I prefer Canon to take its time for the EOS 7D to be revolutionary rather than a “Oh I grew a new little finger on my left foot” evolutionary.

    • Sky

      And… why it can’t be in a same price point as 6D?
      I don’t see any problem. 6D is cheap, plastic FF body, 7D mkII would be fully-fledged, pro-level APS-C body. Both can easily co-exist in the same price point.

      Somehow Olympus dared to release full-frame priced body with MICRO 4/3 sensor! And now it’s probably the most awarded body of a year. So it can work, and obviously – it does work.

  • peevee

    “The only thing that comes to my mind is that the Canon EOS 70D is so feature-packed that it could be hard to beat it as Canon’s APS-C flagship. The 20MP sensor featured on the 70D is Canon’s most advanced APS-C sensor so far and it could be difficult for a 7D Mark II to offer something that is or has much more than the 70D’s sensor. I doubt that the rumored 4MP more resolution (24MP) would be enough to make a 7D2 attractive compared to the 70D.”

    Sports/birding camera is not about sensor resolution, it is about framerate, autofocus with tracking and high ISO. 10 fps with tracking using 61-point AF system from 5D3 and half a stop ISO advantage over 70D would be more than enough reasons to have it.

    • Funny

      Pro nature shooters still use the 7D or they go for an EOS 1D MKIV…

      • peevee

        Yep. 4+ y/o cameras, often used instead of newly bought from Canon at full prices Canon could ask for a new body. For some reason they decided to leave money on the table.

  • Canasonic

    I have always been a Canon shooter but lately Canon has started to lag hard. I’ve been holding out for a 7D replacement with features comparable to a mini 1DX. People cite the 6D as being in competition due to its price point, I don’t think price alone can justify the comparison. The 6D is lackluster in many aeras , seemingly crippled on purpose by Canon, its price point reflects this. No doubt it is an excellent bargain for those wanting to enter the FF realm on a budget. For me, I need an APS-C body with solid construction, competitive dynamic range (especially in low light), 10 FPS or more with full AF/Metering, and a fast AF system good down to at least -3 EV. The Pentax/Ricoh K-3 is looking pretty attractive for the price, satisfying many of my requirements. Still I would prefer something from Canon due to the excellent ergonomics and menu systems their cameras have. I hope this rumor turns out to be false, if true, it may end my run with Canon as the 70D isn’t sufficiently capable to justify the cost over my current bodies.

  • “The world is flat — a friend”

  • Dan

    If either Canon or Nikon fails to release the high FPS, large buffer, “pro” built crop censored camera it would be a mistake that can open the doors for other competitors. All of the sudden the DSLR market won’t be “just” Canikon. Canikon knows this, the delays in release very much have to do with what the other ends up releasing and when, amongst other things beyond their control. It can really tilt the market share to one or the other.

    • One More Thought

      Which competitor is likely to challenge Canon/Nikon in the high end crop camera segment? The other competitors are losing money, and largely throwing their hat into the ring with mirrorless offerings. There is not a single company out there with the resources and lens ecosystem to realistically challenge Canon/Nikon in any segment of the dslr market.

      That is why they are trying to gain a foothold in the camera market with mirrorless. It’s actually not a bad strategy, particularly if you believe that mirrorless will eventually overtake and replace dlsr’s in most cases.

  • One More Thought

    It’s interesting that both Canon and Nikon seemed to have made the same determination to not follow up with their high end crop sensor camera. Instead they introduce lower end FF’s at comparable or even better pricing, and beef up their next level down crop camera.

    I know this gets alot of criticism on the internet chatter, but consider this: Canon and Nikon know their sales figures, demographics, etc far better than we do. That both titans of photography made this exact same judgement must indicate a good reason to do so.

    I think at the end of the day we are looking at a pretty small market of people who do BIF, wildlife, etc…who need the fast frame rate/reach of a high end crop camera but don’t want to spend the money on the 1DX type model. Many who do things like BIF/ wildlife do buy the high end pro model, since they also have to be the type who can afford the more expensive super telephoto lenses necessary for this type of shooting.

    Many people I know who bought the 7D and love it, for instance, primarily bought for the video features, and of course now they have far more options at all price points than what existed then. At the time it was a way to get dslr video without stepping up in cost to the 5dii.

    I do think that you get fantastic value for the 70D and that this camera will meet most crop shooters needs, regardless of internet commentary.

    As the admin notes, where would a 7D2 model fit in price wise? If it comes in above the 6D, then expect whaling and gnashing of teeth from the internet chatter. If it comes in between the 70D and 6D in pricing, then is that really a profitable proposition to Canon? And again, are there enough customers out there for such a model? And do you have too many models in a small price range, so as to confuse customers?

    It’s important to remember that the market for camera purchases is a whole lot larger than those of us who comment on forums like this one.

  • steve Griffin

    I’ve just re-read the original posting and it says “the biggest change in Canon history”. Assuming that that statement is correct/true, what would the change be. 20+ years ago they started the EOS system and changed from manual focus ‘FD’ lens’, a monumental change. There have been a lot of lens updates and evidently a few to come in 2014, the 600D to the 700D was not a significant change but the 60D to the 70D is and so any change to the 7D II would have to be superior to the 7D and more so with regard to the 70D. The 6D is FF and as such is a FF entry level with ability and finish to match price, but a 7D II would be a high end mini 1 series with IQ and ability to match the price. The significant thing is that Nikon are not releasing the D400 either, and both Nikon and Canon are not rushing head long into mirrorless high end cameras either. I have a belief that there is colusion between manufacturers at some level, I have no other reasoning ………….. unless …………… something big that will rock the boat will come about in 2014. Think ………….. a reduced 1D for say £2700 and a medium format ???? 2D. Mmmmmm.

  • dick ranez

    Last time I checked my voice mail, Canon wasn’t calling for product advice. Guess I’ll just wait and see what or if they do anything and evaluate it then. In the meantime, I’m going to have plenty of time to play with my new X system and it’s supersharp prime lenses.

  • Anita Dick

    Well the Rumor over at NR…is that Nikon is releasing a D400 with 24mp. Sometime in March.

  • qm

    the 70D’s AF might be close to that of 7d, but it certainly is no match for that over four years old champion; either FPS and esp. the lack of the AF-spot focusing make it sub par, and that alone is reason enough to look forward to 7d mk-II

  • Charles

    Another reason for further delaying the 7d II could be that Canons new Sensor tech won´t be available (for APS-C) until 2015 – that´s why they wait.

    Or they just decided that FF is the format for everything from semi-pro level. Crop onley for 70d downwards.

    Or they want to introduce something really new (like a mirrorless 7d II) and that tech is still not ready^^ I still believe that Canon is one of the interesting brands in photography, even if their ways are not so easy to comprehend.

    • Sky

      Well, that theory makes a lot of sense. Especially because on the APS-C market Canon right now lags most behind competition – it’s worse even than Sony with it’s SLT that takes away 33% of light. So the gap between Canon and Sony APS-C sensors is enormous. They really need to do something about that in order to be back on top.

  • peevee

    The fact is, an update for a digital camera line has never been delayed for more than 4 years after the release of the previous model, even in the superexpensive 1D line. And neither $6,500 1Dx nor $1,300 7fps 70D are updates for 7D. Following Moore’s law (doubling of performance every 2 years), 7D replacement 4 years later should shoot 36 mpix @ 16 fps with AF, at least 100 RAW frames buffer etc. And at least 1EV noise improvement if you follow the history of sensor development. 70D is nowhere close to it, in fact it is a step back. The breakdown in Canon’s development pace is obvious. For comparison, Sony A77 released more than 2 years ago already did 12 fps @ 24 mpix.

  • This rumored delay has me (for the first time) looking at other camera brands. Sony has a 24 mpix 12fps camera for $800. Those stats are pretty appealing for a school/sport/wedding shooter like myself.

    At this point all of the cameras are good at low iso, and we don’t need any more megapixels. Who ever has the best high iso performance and best lens selection wins.

    As a long time pro photographer I like the 7d, I would prefer the 1dx but as a larger studio I have to buy multiple (back-up)camera bodies, and it’s 6k price tag would add up very quick, to much for a depreciating asset.

    A pro level aps camera at 2k would result in me buying several camera bodies. Since it has been a few years since they have replaced the 7d I need to replace them, If they do not upgrade that line I will certainly have to look around. Canon…you have until spring 2014.

    • Charles

      Pentax K-3 is no slouch either, it´s pretty fast and has very pro specs.

  • BadWolf

    I think you write very good things, but as in the past is forgotten something and lower prices in the market? Christmas? for me it just means that canon 7D II present in the coming months there are the precious drop of 6D and 70D is making room for another camera when prices reach new niche there are differences in price.

  • Paul

    I currently own a Canon 7D with over 100,000 frames shot on it. It needs to be replaced! I have been waiting for a new 7D upgrade. Canon has until first quarter of 2014 to come out with a replacement 7D!!!

  • Canon is successful but it desperately needs changes.

  • Kimberly Lazarski

    If they don’t keep the 7D a pro body with the fixed screen and fantastic ergonomics, I’ll go full frame. I’m not interested in fragile articulated screens and the compromised ergonomics imposed by the presence of the hinge.

    I’d pay $2500 for an APS-C body if the IQ is good enough (it has to be much better than the 70D), maybe a little more if it has an integrated grip OR has a weather-sealed grip option. MP – anything >=18MP is fine. Even 18MP is fine, as long as high ISO is cleaner, the AA filter is less aggressive (or absent!), and dynamic range and micro contrast are improved.

    Oh, and keep the CF slot please.

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