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Save Up To $400 On Selected Canon DSLR And Lens Bundles (Again: EOS 60D and 7D cleared out)

Save Up To $400 On Selected Canon DSLR And Lens Bundles

I think there is no doubt that Canon is clearing out EOS 60D and EOS 7D stocks. Here is another rebates action with concrete savings on selected Canon DSLR and lens bundles. Among these (click on the name to access the rebates page): the EOS 5D Mark II, the EOS 60D, the EOS 7D, the Rebel T4i/EOS 650D, the Rebel T3i/EOS 600D and the Rebel T3/EOS 1100D. The biggest savings are on EOS 5D Mark II bundles.


  • donthasslethehoff

    Technology is marching on, Canon. That 5D mark ii won’t have many takers at this point unless you drop your pants on price. I’ll be waiting. $1200 is my price. Let me know when you’re ready.

    Don’t wait too long, though. If the X-E1 makes it to market with that zoom lens before your price drop, you’ll have one less customer.

  • nice rvieew man nice rvieew manhow come u didnt buy the Canon XSI?has live view (with auto focus as well)50% more battery lifeFlash card upgraded to SD card3 LCD screenre-designed shape for more professinal look and comfortflash built higher to reduce red-eyeand much more.all for one great price. phone now and get a second one free. LOL

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