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Update – Sigma Rumor: Sigma is Soon Going to Change your Mind (and might announce a 24-70mm lens)

Sigma Rumor

Update (thanks to the reader who posted in the comments, I got confirmation also from other sources): It appears as if the service Sigma is touting will be a mount conversion service. That is, Sigma will change the mount type of your Sigma lens so you can use it on a different camera brand (if you switch from Nikon to Canon, for instance). You will have to send in the lens (at least in the first period). It is yet to see if the service will be free or not.

Change your mind? Change your [mount]?

The Korean text translates to From September 2nd, Sigma will start the world’s first special… service. So, what is Sigma going to announce on August 1st? I suppose a new mount type adapter. That could fit the rumor I reported yesterday, that Sigma could launch a sort of universal system adapter where all Sigma lenses can be used on all mirrorless systems. We’ll see soon, the announcement is expected for August 1st 6:00am Korean time. Stay tuned! [slrclub via dicahub]

There is also another rumor concerning Sigma, though I do not think it is related to the announcement above. Rumors suggest that Sigma is working on a 24-70 f/2 OS HSM lens for full-frame cameras, and that lens should be faster than f/2.8. Thus a lens that is in line with the amazing 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM for APS-C cameras. No word about the price, the lens should be announced at Photokina 2014. [via CR]

  • mav

    Mount switch? Great idea!! At least i can switch from sony to canon and sell my 24/1.8 :D

    • DtEW

      I’m pretty sure it’s only going to work for the new Sigma “Global Vision” lenses, the same ones that work with the USB dock. I’m sure standardization of internal connectors was part of the re-design process, which is to say that this has been planned from the very start.

      Nevertheless, this is a brilliant move on Sigma’s part, as if they keep introducing outstanding lenses like they have recently… people will be motivated to invest in Sigma glass over Canon/Nikon/Sony/etc. glass as the safer investment as the fortunes of each of these systems ebb and flow.

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