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Canon Rumor: Canon Media Event Scheduled for August 21st

Canon Rumor

Canon USA scheduled a press event for August 21st. No hints for what. There could be the announcement of the successor of the Canon EOS M, the recent fire sales appear to give some credits to that. If there will be an announcement for the a new EOS M, then it will have the sensor and the Dual Pixel CMOS AF of the Canon EOS 70D. Less probably the announcement of the EOS 7D Mark II, which is expected for next year. Finally, we had plenty of rumours concerning a high resolution DSLR Canon is supposed to work on.

More to come soon

[via PB]
  • MdB

    Hoping for a G1X style body in EF-M mount and EVF, maybe a bit smaller / G15 style.

  • Bob B.

    These are all interesting possibilities….a supercharged M would be interesting, indeed.

  • Mark

    Exciting times, 70D, Sony nexFF, EosM, NEX 7 replacement. I have just sold my 5D2 and I feel ripped off that I am probably going to have to buy the 6D. Really, what I want is the 6D with a FF 70D focusing sensor and a eosM with same sensor (APS-c is OK for the eosM), as my back up. Although, I am quite attached to my 7D.

    Be good if the announcement was a EOSM with the same 70D sensor, I would buy that rather than the NEX 7 replacement, I could use all my L lenses and then I wouldn’t have to invest in a new sony system I could just stick with Canon. I don’t hold my breath as Canon aren’t investing in a EOSM. Sony I am excited to see the Sony’s. I’ll just have to stick with a 6D and 7D for my work cameras FOR NOW.

  • One More Thought

    Some have suggested that the cloud imagery implies some sort of cloud based photo sharing service.

    However, I do hope it is a new M with the 70D sensor…that would be an amazing mirrorless, and allow Canon to really compete in that market.

  • Look at the graphic. There’s nothing black and sexy to entice camera geeks. My guess is image sharing/cloud service as well.

    • Admin

      good point!

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