[Rumor] More Canon High Megapixel DSLR Tidbits (1Dx derived body)

A new rumor about Canon’s high resolution DSLR (46MP are rumored) showed up at NL.

In an update to the high MP info, we’re told […] that a camera will eventually appear in a 1D X derived body, in the same way as the 1D C. The information said that the actual designation was not known, but it would essentially be a ‘1 series’. There was also a warning that there would be a long wait between any ‘preview’ and any cameras […] being annouced and subsequently shipping.

Hope this is not made using a special firmware, as Canon did with the EOS 1D-C.

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What Firmware Can Do For You: That’s The Difference Between The EOS 1D C and EOS 1D X

Want this camera for half the price? It may be possible…

This will not make happy many people, and for some it will be utterly irritating. In an interview with EOSHD a Canon Europe product manager said that the main difference between the EOS-1D X ($6,799 – click here for specs) and the EOS 1D C ($12,999 – click here for specs) is…a piece of software.

Canon confirmed me today the 1D C 4K DSLR is a 1D X with a firmware update. Identical hardware. […] I also had a impromptu talk to a Canon Europe product manager who was very open and honest about Canon’s approach with this camera.

The 1D C is a 1D X with a 4K firmware update. Canon’s man told me that the only hardware change was to do with the flash sync jack (or one of the other jacks if my exact memory fails me). So essentially the 1D X hardware – sensor, processor, everything – is capable of 4K video, 100%, no heat or bandwidth issues either.

The first thing that jumps into mind is if it is possible to upgrade the EOS 1D X to a 4K cam through a firmware update. Nope!

Although technically possible, not surprisingly Canon replied that this wouldn’t be happening

There is an issue with European tax laws:

The tax issue is that the 1D C is classed as a video camera, at a much higher import tax tarrif to the 1D X. Any firmware update that would turn a 1D X into a 1D C would not go down well with the tax people.

So, if I got it right…: The EOS 1D C is the same hardware as the EOS 1D X for twice the price. I wonder how long it will take for some skilled hacker to bring all the EOS 1D C features on the EOS 1D X. :-)

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