Canon EOS-1D C and EOS-1D X Product Advisories (AF not locking, blurry image in viewfinder)


EOS-1D CEOS-1D C Firmware

Canon product advisories for the Canon EOS-1D C and EOS-1D X:

This notice is to proactively inform our customers of the details of the phenomena described below along with Canon’s support actions. Because we value the trust our customers have placed in us, we are dedicated to continuously improving product quality and delivering industry-leading service and support. We offer our sincerest apologies to any customer who may be inconvenienced.

Affected Products
EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera
EOS-1D C Cinema EOS Camera

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Canon EOS-1D C – An Analysis By Tyler Stableford

High ISO noise test

Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford felt the heartbeat of the Canon EOS-1D C and gave it some serious testing. There is a high ISO noise test, a Canon Log vs Neutral Picture Profile test, a slow motion test, and a Canon L series lens vs. Cine series lens comparison. You can watch the videos below, or have a look at planet5d’s site to learn more.

The EOS-1D C is sold for $11,999 at the following shops: B&H and Adorama, and you can rent it here.

Canon Log vs Neutral Picture Profile

Slow motion test

Canon L series lens vs. Cine series lens

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Rumor: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS-1D X And EOS-1D C Firmware Tidbits


New tidbits about upcoming Canon firmware updates surfaced on the web. As you know, Canon is going to release three firmware updates, specifically for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs), the Canon EOS-1D X (price & specs) and the Canon EOS-1D C (price & specs).

The firmware for the EOS 5D Mark III should be released by the end of April 2013. This appears to be rather sure.

The firmware for the EOS-1D X will be available in May as it was announced.

The firmware for the EOS-1D C appears to be a little bit more problematic. Canon may make an announcement by the end of April to let us know when the firmware that will deliver the 25p/4k will be released. It is said that there are some issues with the encryption of the firmware, in order to avoid hacking or reverse engineering. The rumored 120fps at 720p mode now is said not to be part of the release version of the firmware. Stability concerns are the reason.


The EOS-1D C is sold for $11,999 at the following shops: B&H and Adorama, and you can rent it here.
Canon EOS 5D Mark III price check: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon CA, KEH Camera, BestBuy, Canon CA, Canon USA [via CR]

Rumor: Canon EOS-1D C Firmware Update Problems

EOS-1D C Firmware Update

Just some days ago a screenshot of the upcoming firmware update for the Canon EOS-1D C showed up. We reported that the firmware update is undergoing field-testing. I have also been told that the firmware update for the EOS-1D C is set to be released immediately after NAB 2013.

Now it appears that there are some issues with the release candidate of the firmware update. The issues are said to be related to the use of external HDMI recorders: users have reported corrupted frames when externally recording the uncompressed output signal taken from the HDMI port.

There is no exact information about when the firmware update should be released, but it is expected for late April or beginning of May.

The EOS-1D C is sold for $11,999 at the following shops: B&H and Adorama, and you can rent it here.

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Canon’s Mike Burnhill Interviewed About The Canon EOS-1D C DSLR

Canon’s Mike Burnhill Interviewed About The Canon EOS-1D C DSLR

EOSHD posted an interview with Mike Burnhill, Canon’s product manager at Photokina. The topic of the interview is the Canon EOS-1D C ($12,999 – click here for specs), a DSLR made for serious movie makers (the “C” stands for “Cinema”). The EOS-1D C shares many things with its more photography aimed, pro-oriented sibling, the Canon EOS-1D X ($6,799 – click here for specs). There were rumors in the past that the EOS-1D C had exactly the same hardware and that the only difference between the two DSLRs was the firmware. This has now at least partially been countered by new information about the EOS-1D C interiors. Fact is, the EOS-1D C costs around $6000-$7000 more than the EOS-1D X. That said, we are obviously very interested to know what Mr. Burnhill has to say about this issue:

EOSHD: What are the main hardware differences between the 1D X and the 1D C?

Mike Burnhill: While the EOS-1D C is based on the core specifications of the EOS-1D X, it has been further optimised to provide even higher quality video performance that’s suitable for cinematic production. While both cameras feature the same sensor and processor, several of the circuit boards are different due to the high data rates and internal heat generated by up to 4K shooting.

Nothing we didn’t already know (and what does “optimized” imply??). There are hardware differences, mainly to better dissipate the heat caused by 4k video recording (absolutely plausible). Makes me think that the layout of the components may be different, not necessarily that the components are. On the other hand, a different circuit board layout could easily mean different chip sets where used. Until someone can’t resist to open an EOS-1D C, this will be the matter of speculations.

Personally, I think both cams share much more than Canon would like us to know. But then: you should know that the hefty price difference is also due to taxes. A gear classified as video camera is subject to higher tax tariffs. That’s also the reason your DSLR is limited to record clips that last no longer than 29 minutes and 59 seconds. If it would record clips with durations above 30 minutes, the DSLR would be classified as a video camera by tax laws, and cost more.

Canon has very clear ideas about the target of the EOS-1D C:

EOSHD: Who is the target filmmaker for the 1D C?

MB: The main target users for the EOS-1D C are film production industry professionals. However as the first DSLR camera of its kind, with a truly unique and highly-portable package optimised for high quality video recording, we believe it can be used in a wide variety of productions such as movies, TV dramas and commercials, promotional videos, film schools, weddings and events.

The type of user we feel this product will benefit includes:

  • Cameramen or DPs requiring a low-cost ‘B camera’ with high quality output
  • Field-based journalists requiring small size, light weight and option of stills capture
  • ‘In-house’ cameraman asked to cover both still and video capture
  • Users who require a range of lens options for different situations
  • Independent videographers (e.g. high-end wedding)
  • EOS 5D Mark II users looking to upgrade

There is much more in the interview at EOSHD.

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