Canon Might Announce The RF 200-500mm f/4L IS Soon

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A new super expensive RF 200-500mm f/4L IS lens for the EOS R system? It looks like according to the latest rumor emerging from the interweb of rumor mills.

Says the source of the rumor:

Canon’s EF 500mm f/4L IS USM II is going to be a zoom for the RF mount first. We have confirmed that a Canon RF 200-500mm f/4L IS USM will likely be coming in Q4, or perhaps in Q1 of 2024 ahead of the Canon EOS R1.

The Canon RF 200-500mm f/4L IS USM will not come with a built-in teleconverter.

Another RF lens that will cost like a small car.

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon Might Announce More RF Mount Super-telephoto Lenses In 2021

RF 600mm F/4L Super-telephoto

The Canon RF 400mm and RF 600mm, both announced last week, might not be the only super-telephoto lenses for the RF mount to get released in 2021.

According to a new rumor, at least two more super-telephoto lenses are in development. A Canon RF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM lens might get announced and it could be the smallest and lightest of its kind, with a redesigned optical formula for the RF mount system. A Canon RF 200-500mm f/4L IS USM might also get announced. No more information on this one but it might not have a built-in teleconverter (as the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM 1.4x does).

Stay tuned, and stay safe.

Source: Canon Rumors

A RF 200-500mm L Lens For The Canon EOS R Might Come In 2020, But No More EF Telephotos

Canon Eos R Firmware Update

Latest murmuring from the rumor mills suggests that Canon might release a RF 200-500mm L lens for the EOS R system in late 2020.

This lens, according to the source, should be an equivalent of the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, though not having the same focal length.

The source also states that development of EF supertelephoto lenses was was ceased “quite some time ago”, and that Canon now is focusing on RF lens development.

Source: Canon Rumors