The Canon EOS 8D, Again (with some specs)


After Russian online seller fotoplus, another online shop posted a placeholder for the mighty Canon EOS 8D. Chinese site (translated) has a page for the EOS 8D, and they have some rather weird specs too:

  • Body features: APS-C size digital SLR
  • Effective pixels: 16.2 million
  • Mode of operation: full manual operation
  • Video Interface: AV Interface
  • Flash Type: External
  • External flash (hot shoe): Yes
  • Focus Points: 45 points

So, we can conclude that the EOS 8D has an APS-C sized sensor that has a resolution of just 16MP. Not very much. The auto-focus, on the other hand, appears to be something new, with 45 points. And no built-in flash.

Hard to say if this specs have something to do with the real EOS 8D, or if they are just something they put on the site to fill it. However, besides the 16MP sensor, the other (few) specs might make some sense. The big question is if the EOS 8D will be the successor of the Canon EOS 7D, or a brand new type of camera. But then there are the 16MP (granted this has something to do with reality). If the 16MP are true specs, then the EOS 8D could be thought as a low light/high ISO beast. Interesting, indeed.

What do you think?


Update (and an EOS 70D?) What’s That?? A Canon EOS 8D?


UPDATE (thanks nnn): the same Russian page lists also the EOS 70D, body only and two kits. See image below. Placeholder is the EOS 60D.

Russian site (translated) posted an offer for a Canon EOS 8D. The picture, however, is of an EOS 7D. The mighty EOS 8D is offered both as body only option and as a kit. The lens suggests an APS-C sensor. Someone knows somewhat?

[via digicame-info]