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The Canon EOS 8D, Again (with some specs)


After Russian online seller fotoplus, another online shop posted a placeholder for the mighty Canon EOS 8D. Chinese site (translated) has a page for the EOS 8D, and they have some rather weird specs too:

  • Body features: APS-C size digital SLR
  • Effective pixels: 16.2 million
  • Mode of operation: full manual operation
  • Video Interface: AV Interface
  • Flash Type: External
  • External flash (hot shoe): Yes
  • Focus Points: 45 points

So, we can conclude that the EOS 8D has an APS-C sized sensor that has a resolution of just 16MP. Not very much. The auto-focus, on the other hand, appears to be something new, with 45 points. And no built-in flash.

Hard to say if this specs have something to do with the real EOS 8D, or if they are just something they put on the site to fill it. However, besides the 16MP sensor, the other (few) specs might make some sense. The big question is if the EOS 8D will be the successor of the Canon EOS 7D, or a brand new type of camera. But then there are the 16MP (granted this has something to do with reality). If the 16MP are true specs, then the EOS 8D could be thought as a low light/high ISO beast. Interesting, indeed.

What do you think?


  • Bob

    hahaha~as a chinese,I promise the zol is unreliable,ever.

  • Sella174

    Canon needs a mirrorless EOS (EF/EF-S) camera to directly compete with Olympus (OM-D) and Panasonic (G/GH), as well as trump Nikon. Maybe – and hopefully – this it.

  • JAN K.

    why do you even post such bullshit?

    that is lorem ipsum nothing more…. you lose credibility this way.

    you don´t have to post anythibg a reseller writes on his website!!

    • Admin

      We report rumors. This is a rumor. A lot of people is interested to know such news.

    • Admin

      and another thing: the specs may be bs, but the fact that there is a placeholder for an EOS 8D means something. :)

      • peter

        ob please you are really such a gullible person?

        yes there is a reason.. free advertising from simpletons who report this on their own blogs. google “fishing for hits”

        it´s called guerilla advertising. works for the mentally challenged.

    • Sella174

      Eventually Canon will release an 8D … and when they do, remember you heard about it here first!

      • peter

        there is NO 8D in development!!!

        and there will be not yet another APS-C camera.
        who believes this BS has no clue at all….

        canon has enough aps-c cameras in it´s lineup.

    • MA


      Your post is more bs and a waste of time than the original rumor.

      • peter

        there is no 8D….

  • mark

    i want the FF version of the new 70D. i know that film makers and production companies have been used to manual focus movie making, but as pro photographers, we are used to auto focus, so as we move into video we want auto focus. I left manual focus when I traded in my Nikon fm2s for digital. (I miss my FM2s, oh well time goes on)

  • FMJ

    16mp for a lot of people is more than enough. for the same sensor, obviously the less mp the better it is for low light.

    45pt is just a recycle from the higher end model, but definitely welcome, hopefully it will come with eye-control like my Canon film SLR

    • Eric

      16m is enough for me too. It will be great if it is 45pt cross type.

  • Maniac

    Did someone from Sony rumor mill wrote this and try to pass it as Canon Rumor????

    The spec sounds like a mid range Sony NEX camera…

  • iP337

    There might not be a real 8D but I love the idea of a 16Mp sensor with modern technology.

    I think it could be great for video! It seems to be easier to down-sample to 16Mp to HD with pixel binding than an 18Mp sensor (supposedly that’s why the GH2 and 3 cameras use 16Mp).

    Take a Canon 16Mp 3:2 APS-C sensor (4752×3168) then pixel bind pixels in a 2×2 method, leaving 2376×1584, mask to 16:9 for a 2376×1337 “raw” scan and that’s apparently easier to down-sample to 1920×1080 (1.24% smaller). That’s how Panasonic does it anyway, Canon already does this with 2×2 blocks on their 16:9 8Mp EOS Cinema sensors and supposedly does 3×3 blocks with 16:9 masking on the 5D3.

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