Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema Camera discounted by $3000

EOS C500

At a glance:

  • 4K RAW (4096 x 2160) Output
  • EF Lens Mount for Broad Compatibility
  • 8.8 Mp Super 35mm-Size CMOS Sensor
  • Also Puts Out 2K, Quad HD & Full HD
  • 2x 3G-SDI Outputs
  • 50 Mb/s Proxy HD Recording to CF Card
  • 10-Bit 4K RAW at Up to 60p
  • 10-Bit 4K Half RAW at Up to 120p
  • 12-Bit 2K 4:4:4 Signal at Up to 60p
  • Canon Log Gamma

B&H Photo has the Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema Camera at $6,999, that’s a $3000 off the price it had until a few days ago. Might thgis hint to an announcement soon? Yes it does! The Canon EOS C700 is the most likely candidate (edit: it was, indeed). Stay tuned.

8K coming to Canon Cinema products in 2016 (C500 Mark II), and to Canon DSLRs in 2017 [CW4]


This comes from a reliable source, and was told to me through a phone call. The source works for an international television broadcasting station that is already testing 8K video equipment.

I’ve been told (thanks) that Canon will feature 8K video recording on an upcoming Cinema EOS camera. The most likely candidate is the Canon C500 Mark II, expected somewhere in Summer 2016. It’s unlikely that there will be other or new Canon Cinema products set to be announced in 2016. The Canon C500 features 4K, so it is not unlikely that Canon’s next step will be 8K.

The more interesting part of this rumor is that Canon is planning to feature 8K also on their high-end DSLRs in 2017. So, not on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, which we expect to get announced in the next months. For the time being I can not tell what Canon DSLR it will be. The EOS-1D X Mark II is Canon’s new DSLR flagship and for sure there will not be an EOS-1D X Mark III in 2017.

Does this mean there will be a new high-end Canon DSLR in 2017? Sounds a bit odd but it is possible. There is no high-end Canon DSLR I expect to get replaced in 2017. The EOS 5D Mark IV (might have a different name) and EOS-1D X Mark II replacements are expected for 2016.

4K Workflow With The Canon C500

By CanonUSA on Youtube about 4k workflow on the Canon C500:

Join Oscar nominee and Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live Alex Buono on his “The Art of Visual Storytelling Tour” where he teaches cinematographers how to create dynamic and impactful films. Take his tips and concepts into the real-world and apply them to your films, whether through Cinema EOS cameras or DSLRs.

Canon Announces Free Software Upgrade for the EOS C500 Camera that Delivers Greatly Enhanced Efficiency


Canon press release:

Canon Announces Free Software Upgrade for the EOS C500 Camera that Delivers Greatly Enhanced Efficiency with Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics-Powered PCS

MELVILLE, N.Y., April 2, 2014 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, shared today that its parent company, Canon Inc., announced a software upgrade for the EOS C500 digital cinema camera (launched in October 2012), part of Canon’s Cinema EOS System lineup of professional digital cinematography products, that will enable users to more efficiently on-set production workflows. The Company plans to offer the free-of-charge Cinema RAW Development software upgrade* starting in October 2014.



 EOS C500

The new Cinema RAW Development 1.3 software, currently under development, will deliver enhanced shooting workflows, including the on-set playback and confirmation of 4K RAW video, when using the EOS C500 camera.

Through collaboration with Intel, Cinema RAW Development 1.3 will deliver improved performance using a beta version of the Intel Media SDK 2014 Professional Camera Pack, making possible faster development of 4K Cinema RAW data when using a PC equipped with Intel Iris Pro graphics. Canon’s software upgrade will support greater workflow efficiencies for 4K RAW data by enabling real-time playback with playback speeds of up to 24 frames per second (fps). To date, previewing 4K RAW video footage on a notebook PC and other compact computer devices had been difficult because of the slow fps rate and the need for tremendous processing power, which was only available with a workstation PC. Now, with a combination of upgrades to Canon’s Cinema RAW Development 1.3 software, compatible with the Intel Media SDK 2014 Professional Camera Pack, and a PC with Intel Iris Pro graphics, Canon users will be able to more quickly preview their 4K video footage while on a shoot.

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Moving Portraits Of Fashion Industry’s Famous People Shot In 4K With The Canon EOS C500

Canon’s commitment to the fashion world is well known. The Canon Professional Network published an article/interview with Canon Explorer Clive Booth about filming leading people in the fashion world:

For a new series of moving portraits looking under the skin of some of the fashion industry’s most famous and influential people, photographer, filmmaker and Canon Explorer Clive Booth turned to the Cinema EOS C500 Digital Cinema Camera. For the first film in the series – focusing on fashion designer Henry Holland – he was looking to take advantage of the C500’s 4K shooting capabilities, and a whole lot more. Clive Booth tells CPN writer James Morris about his long-standing relationship with the Canon EOS System, and how the C500 has enabled shooting capabilities that weren’t possible before…

The video above is the first film in the series, and the film is a portrait of fashion designer Henry Holland. You may be more interested to see the behind the scenes video, which can be seen here (scroll down to the bottom).

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New Firmware for Canon EOS C500/C500 PL Cinema EOS Cameras (ver.

Canon EOS C500

Canon released a new firmware for the EOS C500/C500 PL Cinema EOS Cameras, version Hey, it’s the camera used to capture comet ISON. The links:

Download Firmware Version for EOS C500.
Download Firmware Version for EOS C500 PL

Download the new version of the Instruction Manual for the EOS C500.
Download the new version of the Instruction Manual for the EOS C500 PL.

Canon product advisory:

Thank you for using Canon products.

Canon has released a firmware update for the EOS C500/C500 PL Cinema EOS Cameras.

EOS C500 Cinema EOS Camera & EOS C500PL Cinema EOS Camera
1. When using the Magnify focus assist function, the ability to move the magnified viewing area around the LCD has been added.
2. Maximum ISO setting has been increased to ISO 80,000.
3. Cinema Gamut mode and DCI-P3+ mode have been added to provide expanded color gamut options in RAW capture.
4. 4096×1080-pixel RAW format resolution has been added.
5. A Key Lock menu setting has been added which now makes it possible to lock all operations, including the START/STOP button.
6. Using the optional Canon WFT-E6 Wireless File Transmitter, the camera’s remote-control application allows up to two users to access the same unit via a Wi-Fi® link providing simultaneous and independent control of camera operation and metadata input.
7. Canon Log LUT support has been made possible for HD/SD SDI terminal output.
8. ACESproxy output from monitor terminal has been added.
9. [ND]/[ND-] have been added as functions that can be allocated to any assignable button.

EOS C500 Digital Cinema Camera only
10. Ability to assign the two control dials (body and grip) to operate either Iris or ISO sensitivity independently has been added.
11. Peripheral Illumination Correction Data has been added for seven (7) Canon Cinema lenses (EF mount) and eleven (11) Canon EF Lenses.

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