Humor: Watch HSN Selling a Canon Rebel T3i, and Have a Good Laugh

The Phoblographer spotted this cute little video. Watch HSN selling a Canon Rebel T3i/EOS 600D on TV back in 2012. This must be the camera all Canon fans missed, since it is Canon’s “flagship camera”, ready for “professional use”. There are more comical highlights. Watch the video and have a good laugh.

Btw, the Rebel T3i isn’t bad at all. It’s among Flickr’s most popular DSLRs and still holds up well.

Canon Rebel T3i/EOS 600D price check:

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Humor: What Canon really thinks about the DSLR Video Revolution

EOSHD‘s Andrew Reid made this short and hilarious video trying to figure out what Canon’s big shots think about the so-called “DSLR video revolution” Canon is actively promoting since years (well, at least since the EOS 5D Mark II). Andrew added his own subtitles to a viral video of a Spanish speaking man at a TV show. I am sure you will have a good and spontaneous laugh.

The video came out after Andrew Reid compared the EOS C300 ($12,000) to the Samsung NX1 ($1,500). As he says, after having made the comparison he “couldn’t help imagining this“.

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A Little Bit Of “Canon See Impossible” Humor

Canon See Impossible

This was posted on Canon Watch’s Facebook page. If you do not know what Canon’s See Impossible campaign is have a look here.

The parody above says:


You want a camera system which keeps up with the latest technology. You want us to innovate, take risks, add features that are standard for other manufacturers, and you tell us this is possible.

You want us to invest in advanced sensors which excel in low light, color reproduction and dynamic range, you want 4K video, an EVF and high frame rates in a reasonably priced camera.

You say, “It can be done.”

To all of you, we apologize.

Because we don’t see what you see. We see an expensive line of cinema cameras we must protect, and a road map of painfully slow iterations so there’s always a reason for you to spend more money. You love what Sony, Panasonic and even Samsung are doing, and you see opportunity, you see ingenuity, you see POSSIBLE.


Humor: Watch the “Creepiest Canon Camera Review Ever” (NSFW)

Reviewer “Frank Lasagna” compares the Canon EOS 6D vs the Rebel T5i, and he does it on his own way. For instance, he tests high ISO performance spying his neighbour’s wife at night with a zoom. AF is tested while the subject is “fleeing”. The video is a parody of Dave Dougdale’s comparison of the EOS 60D vs the Rebel T4i.

There is more weirdness in the video, and also some strong language. So I would say it’s NSFW.

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Humor: The Ultimate Nikon vs Canon Underwater Shootout

Nikon vs Canon
Image used with permission – credit:

Warning: don’t try this. Really, do not.

The folks at is working on the ultimate Canon vs Nikon underwater shootout. Both companies produced special editions of their pro grade cameras, i.e. there is a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) that can be used under water without housings of any kind. That opens new possibilities for underwater photography we haven’t seen before. The results of the comparison are still under embargo but I am confident wetpixel will soon share their findings with us.

This is a major breakthrough in underwater photography, and obviously the Canon is the better performing camera. Period. :-)

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Nikon vs Canon
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