Was This Image Shot With The Upcoming Nikon Z 8?

Nikon Z 8 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Nikon Rumors

It appears as if the upcoming Nikon Z 8 mirrorless camera is already used.

In a post on Weibo by Nikon China you can find a 67MP image. Nikon does not have a camera with this resolution. So, it’s suspected the image was shot with the upcoming Nikon Z 8.

The image that has a 67MP resolution is the one below (You can download the original file from Weibo):

Nikon Z 8 or something else?

Upcoming Nikon Z 8 Mirrorless Camera Already Used By Nikon Ambassadors

Nikon Z 8

It seems the Nikon Z 8 is reality, and already used by a Nikon Ambassador.

Twitter user How2fly posted an image (on top) that seems to show some HTML code with a mention of Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis using the upcoming Nikon Z 8. It might obviously be faked, but we think it is real.

We expect the Nikon Z 8 to get announced very soon.

What do you think?

Nikon Might Announce New MILCs Soon, The Nikon Z 8 and/or Z 6 III

Nikon Z 8 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Nikon Rumors

Nikon might announce their next Z-series mirrorless camera soon. Edit: we got some new intel and it seems the announcement will likely happen in August 2022.

As How2Fly (often right in the past) writes on Twitter, Nikon might be close to announce a new Z camera. According to How2Fly it might be the Nikon Z 8 (rumored to already undergo testing) or the Nikon Z 6 III.

Nikon will announce a NEW camera next month,maybe Z8 (being testing already) or Z6 III.

Stay tuned for more…