Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Sample Images Gallery

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark Iii

Photography Blog posted a set of sample photos shot with the brand new Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III (announcement).

Click here to see the sample photo gallery (JPG & raw, downloadable)

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III ($749):

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Global Market Share Of Digital Cameras in 2018 Shows Canon Is Still The Alpha Dog

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Nikkei posted some statistics about the global market share for digital still cameras. These are the top five companies (controlling 85% of the market):

  • Canon 40.5% (+ 3.9)
  • Nikon 19.1% (-2.7)
  • Sony 17.7% (-0.7)
  • Fujifilm Holdings 5.1% (+1.3)
  • Olympus 2.8% (+0.1)

Not only Canon holds over 40% of the market share, it’s also the company with the largest figure for market share increase (although it’s just 3.9%).

[via Digicameinfo]

Fujfilm Exec Says Canon Is Wrong, ILC Market Will Not Shrink, Depends By Innovation

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During CP+ 2019, Imaging Resource sat down with two top Fujifilm execs (Toshihisa Iida and Makoto Oishi) to talk about the photo industry.

In another interview, Canon stated that the camera market is doomed to shrink by 50% in the next years. A prediction Fujifilm execs seem not to agree with.

From the interview:

DE: [Canon exec] says that the interchangeable-lens business is going to contract by half, over the next two years. Do you agree with that assessment? What are your own projections?

Toshihisa Iida/Fujifilm: Totally, totally disagree.

DE: You totally disagree.


TI: We really just cannot believe that projection of Canon’s.

DE: Yeah. What are your projections, what do you think the market will do overall?

TI: I think it all depends on what innovation and what influence comes from the manufacturers. It’s our mission to make the market viable. So I think our projection is there’s a lot of room even to grow further in the camera market.

DE: It might even grow? (!)

TI: Yeah, yeah, yeah. If we look at the Asian market, there’s a huge population over there. Some countries may decline, but some countries soon will change to growth. I think overall, the global camera market, you know…

Summed up:

  • Fujifilm totally disagrees with Canon’s prediction, that ILC business is going to contract by half over the next two years
  • Market will depend on innovation that will come
  • Fujifilm believes there is room for further grow
  • Some markets will decline, but other markets have still potential to grow (Asian market)

For a complete analysis of the interview head over to Fuji Rumors.F

Canon Launches RAISE, An AI-Integrated Online Photo Community


Unstoppable Canon. After finally putting a serious dent into the mirrorless market with their EOR R system, they are tackling the lucrative market of online photo communities. Welcome RAISE.

An Adobe Lightroom plugin version of RAISE, which is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, is currently scheduled to be released next month. This will further enhance the usability of the RAISE features such as auto-tagging images within a user’s Lightroom library through RAISE collections in the platform. RAISE will be showcased at WPPI 2019 at Canon booth #121. 

Press release:

Canon U.S.A. Launches RAISE, Its First Online Photo Community

New AI-Integrated Platform Can Help Photographers Advance Their Craft, Save Time with an Improved Workflow as well as Easily Organize and Share Their Photos

MELVILLE, NY, February 27, 2019 – In 2017, approximately 1.2 trillion photos were taken; turning millions of people into prolific photographers1, who are spending a tremendous amount of time arranging and searching through their library of photos. To help photographers streamline their workflow and continually improve their craft, Canon U.S.A., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the company’s first online photo-community platform – RAISE. This new platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help photographers organize and categorize their photos through auto-tagging. 

Features and benefits of RAISE include: 

  • Organize – Through the use of Canon’s AI engine, photos uploaded to the platform can be auto-tagged through category and subject tags, as well as photo-centric tags such as the composition, style, emotion and color. Users can upload high-resolution JPEG images to the platform and all photographers retain ownership of all images uploaded to RAISE.
  • Explore – Photographers can receive insights from the RAISE community to learn and help improve their skills to step-up their photography. They can also draw inspiration from the platform with a feed personalized for them based on their own uploaded photos, tags and preferences.
  • Share – Photographers can create Collections within RAISE to privately share with current and prospective clients as well as loved ones, who may not be a part of the RAISE community. A photographer’s work can also be shared publically within the community to receive recognition as well as photo-centric compliments from other photographers, like “great lighting,” beautiful composition,” etc.

An Adobe Lightroom plugin version of RAISE, which is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, is currently scheduled to be released next month. This will further enhance the usability of the RAISE features such as auto-tagging images within a user’s Lightroom library through RAISE collections in the platform. 

“Creativity is born from community – from collaboration with like-minded individuals,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “With RAISE, we are building that community for photographers. Through this new platform, photographers from all different professional backgrounds and skill sets can come together to share their talents and connect with others in the community. Simply put, we hope RAISE will inspire the next generation of photographers to RAISE the bar and propel their creativity to new heights.”

The new platform along with Canon’s latest solutions will be showcased at this year’s Wedding Portrait & Photography Show (WPPI) in Las Vegas from February 27 – March 1 in the Canon booth #121. 

For more information about RAISE and/or to join the community, please stop by the Canon booth at WPPI or visit,

The Photography Industry Did Not Well In 2018, Shrinks By 24%

Photography Industry

As they do every year, the folks at LensVid published their infographic about the photography industry in 2018.

The infographic is based on the information CIPA (the camera and Image Products Association) recently published about the camera industry in 2018.

LensVid’s analysis:

In 2018 the number of cameras sold went down as we have mentioned by about 24% compared to the previous year – however the amount of money spent worldwide on these far fewer cameras only went down by 4.5% compared to 2017 and even more interestingly while in 2018 we purchased almost 7% less lenses than the year before – we spent 5% more money on buying them.

The bottom line here is simple if this trend continues the photography market will become increasingly smaller and ever more expensive. Think about this as a vicious circle – manufacturers need more money to develop more advanced technologies, but since sales continue to shrink they are forced to raise prices which in turn make it harder for people to buy new gear making the market even smaller and so on and so forth.

When will this cycle end? well, possibly only when the market stabilizes in terms of yearly sales. But at under 20 million cameras sold per year, this just might not be economical for some of the manufacturers to sustain with ever-increasing R&D costs.

Click on the infographic below for a larger version, or get the story at LensVid.

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