The Canon EF 200-400mm F4L IS USM ×1.4 Might Get Discontinued Soon

EF 200-400mm

The Canon EF 200-400mm F4L IS USM ×1.4 might be on its way to be discontinued, Asians sources suggest.

The Canon EF 200-400mm F4L IS USM ×1.4 might get replaced by the RF 100-500mm f/4 IS, some sources claim. The RF 100-500mm might get announced in Q4 2023, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

The EF 200-400mm F4L IS USM ×1.4 is not that old for this class of lenses, it was released in 2013.

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Canon Set To Release Up To 10 New RF/RF-S Lenses Within March 2024?

Nab 2023 Canon Eos R5 Mark Ii Canon Eos R8 Mark Ii Canon EOS Rf 24-50mm R6 Mark Ii Rf Mount Eos R6 Mark Ii Rf 300mm Rf 35mm Canon Eos R100 Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

Another new Canon lens rumor by the usual suspects. Canon is now said to release 8-10 new RF/RF-S lenses before March 2024.

Absolutely no information about what lenses to expect. Says the source:

We expect at least 2 lenses to be announced later this month and possibly a second lens announcement later in 2023. We haven’t yet confirmed which lenses will be announced and when. Sources made it seem like there are a lot just waiting to be announced. We won’t pretend to fully understand the how’s, why’s and when’s of product announcements.

February 2024 is also the annual CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan, and Canon loves to show off new goodies on their home turf, a show we also expect Canon to show off a couple of new higher-end cameras.

We have been told to expect between 8-10 new RF/RF-S lenses between now and March of 2024.

It is clear to anyone who watches the industry that Canon will release a lot of new RF/RF-S lenses. They also said it in various interviews. So, not a real rumor, despite being sold as such.

Stay tuned.

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Is Meike Set To Announce The First Third Party RF Mount Lens With Official AF Support?


It seems that Chinese manufacturer Meike is going to release the first RF mount lens with Canon-licensed AF implementation, the Meike AF 85mm F1.4.

The is said to get released to the public in August 2023, after the 30th Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Exhibition (BIRTV) on August 23-26, 2023. These are the specifications:

  • Multi-standard, Nikon Z, Sony E
  • 13 elements in 8 groups
  • 77mm filter diameter
  • 12 aperture blades
  • Shortest shooting distance: 0.98m
  • AF/MF selector switch
  • Fn button
  • Weight: 800g
  • E/Z/RF/L mount
  • L-mount AF lens from China
  • in the hands of some photographers
  • Scheduled to be released in August

In a recent interview, Canon execs indeed said they will open the RF mount to third party manufacturers.

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Canon Interview: Opening RF Mount To Others, Retro Camera, New Lenses

Canon Firmware Updates Viltrox Eos R7 Eos R10 Reuters Canon Cameras Europe Canon Eos R1 Eos R Rf 14-35mm Olympic Games Ef-mount Rudy Winston

During Photo & Imaging show in Shanghai, Canon executives gave interviews.

Here are some machine translated excerpts.

What are the advantages of Canon lenses?

  • Canon has an extremely well-developed research and development environment that contributes to the development of better camera and lens products. Specifically, we have three large environments: first, design, second, test, and third, production.
  • First of all, in terms of design, we have built our own optical design system and a very good simulation system, which allows us to design highly accurate camera and lens products in a relatively short time.
  • In addition, in the inspection and production environment, we have built Canon’s own thorough inspection system and production system. Since the technology in this field is becoming more and more mature, each product is carefully polished and specially processed according to the needs of the final realization, so Canon’s products are of high quality and high performance.

Other companies have released their lens roadmaps, but does Canon have plans to release similar roadmaps?

  • Canon currently has no plans to announce future lens roadmaps. The reason is that we always want to be able to surprise our consumers.
  • Being able to announce the roadmap in advance gives customers a predictable way of knowing that some of these lenses will come in the future. However, Canon wants to surprise customers.

RF-S lenses are still relatively few at this stage. Will more RF-S lenses be released? Is there a lens roadmap for the Tokyo head office?

  • I am very sorry that I cannot introduce it here because it is related to concrete future product planning.
  • However, it is certain that we will consider further enhancement of RF-S lenses in the future.

Are there any plans for Canon to open up the RF mount, and if so, after Canon has basically completed building the RF lens family?

  • As always, I cannot answer specific future research and development plans at this time.
  • Although still limited to a few companies, Canon has already opened up the RF mount to third-party lens manufacturers through licensing.
  • If we receive a request for an open mount from a third-party lens manufacturer, we will consider whether to license it according to Canon’s own business plan and strategy.
  • In fact, we are in contact with several third-party lens companies in this regard.
  • We separate whether or not to open the RF door to third parties and whether or not Canon’s own product line is complete.

Canon has a lot of bodies that go down in history, do you have any plans or ideas to release a retro camera? 

  • In conclusion, I can’t say yes or no, but you are right that some consumers prefer some of the best-selling models in the past, their design and appearance.
  • Also, you can see that we have listened to the voices and requests of our customers and made improvements to our EOS body, whether it be appearance or operability. It is very important to me that there is a consumer base that wants a retro body, but unfortunately I have no more information to share.

There is more at Check it out.

Canon Patent: 15-70mm F2.8-4 IS, 15-70mm F4 IS And 15-85mm F2.8-5.6 IS for APS-C

Canon Patent

A new Canon patent application for three lenses for the RF mount and cameras with APS-C imaging sensor.

Canon patent application 2022013994 (Japan, published 8/14/2023) discusses optical formulas for three RF-mount lenses for APS-C imaging sensors:

  • 15-70mm F2.8-4 IS
  • 15-70mm F4 IS
  • 15-85mm F2.8-5.6 IS

From the patent literature:

A compact zoom lens with a wide angle of view is provided that is robust against manufacturing errors and yet provides high optical performance.

Description of the Related Art

In recent years, there has been a strong demand for a lens system used in an imaging apparatus to have high optical performance while the entire lens system is compact. In order to achieve good optical performance while miniaturizing the entire lens system, it is important to appropriately set the refractive power and configuration of each lens group, and the conditions for moving each lens group during zooming. In particular, when miniaturizing the lens system of a camera with a large image sensor, high refractive index glass materials are often used, and it is required to suppress chromatic aberration while ensuring robustness against decentration of the lens.


It is an object of the present invention to provide a compact zoom lens or the like with a wide angle of view that provides high optical performance while being robust against manufacturing errors. In the zoom lens of each embodiment, any one of the lens groups as a whole or a part thereof is moved so as to include a component in the direction perpendicular to the optical axis as an anti-vibration group, or in an in-plane direction including the optical axis. It is also possible to employ a configuration in which vibration isolation is performed by rotationally moving (oscillating). In particular, it is preferable to use the cemented lens B as the anti-vibration group.

Example 1 (15-70mm F4, for APS-C)

  • Zoom ratio 4.40
  • Focal length 15.45 36.03 67.94
  • F value 4.12 4.12 4.12
  • Half angle of view 41.27 19.59 10.60 Image
  • height 12.66 13.66 13.66
  • Total lens length 100.14 108.00 120.23
  • Back focus 10.46 10.79 12.37

Example 2 (15-70mm F2.8-4, for APS-C)

  • Zoom ratio 4.40
  • Focal length 15.45 36.49 68.04
  • F number 2.88 3.86 4.12
  • Half angle of view 41.38 19.53 10.61 Image
  • height 12.66 13.66 13.66
  • Lens length 100.32 11 0.44 118.71
  • Back focus 10.62 11.68 15.59

Example 3 (15-85mm F2.8-5.6, for APS-C)

  • Zoom ratio 5.42
  • Focal length 15.45 36.29 83.77
  • F value 2.88 4.00 5.80
  • Half angle of view 41.36 19.65 8.71
  • Image height 12.66 13.66 13.66
  • Total lens length 101.54 1 16.35 133.85
  • Back focus 12.12 12.61 16.91

More Canon patents are listed here.

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