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Zeiss 135mm f/2.0 Apo-Sonnar ZE (Canon) Available For Pre-Order


Both B&H And Adorama have the Zeiss 135mm f/2.0 Apo-Sonnar ZE for Canon mount available for pre-order, price is $2,122 (click on shop name): B&H | Adorama.

Expected to ship February 2013. From Adorama’s product description:

  • Because this lens is an apochromat, chromatic aberrations (axial chromatic aberrations) are corrected with elements of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion. The chromatic aberrations are therefore significantly below the defined limits
  • Great low-light shots start with a great lens for your DSLR camera. A high-speed lens captures as much light as possible. A lens with a wide maximum aperture offers the best results in difficult lighting conditions
  • The lens design ensures consistent imaging performance throughout the entire focusing range as well as sharpness to the periphery of the image. The asphere’s more complex surface profile can reduce or eliminate spherical aberration and also reduce other optical aberrations compared to a simple lens
  • Rich, vibrant colors are vital to creating a lasting impression. Stray light in the lens, however, would lead to a brightening of the image, which is particularly visible in shadow areas. Image contrast is lowered; the image appears dull and bleached
  • Photographers want to guide the observer through the image. Minimal depth of focus is often used as a design element. This keeps the background intentionally blurred to keep the attention of the observer on the main subject
  • The nine diaphragm blades and the resulting, virtually circular aperture on Carl Zeiss SLR lenses are crucial to favorable rendition of highlights in the fore and background

[via The Digital Picture]
  • Bob B.

    hmm…I have been considering buying a 135mm…I wonder how this compares to the Canon 135L as far as sharpness goes…seems like the AF would be mighty handy for a lens like this plus the Canon is waaay less in cost… But the Zeiss could give good tones and be sharper…anyone seen any reviews on this lens???

  • tc
    better than 100mp but different

  • jake

    2k for f2 MF-only junk lens ? ridiculous.
    only extreme fanboys justify the price.
    I was a big fan of Zeiss but I woke up when I compared my Samyong 35mmf1.4 vs my Zeiss T*1.4/35mmZF2 on my D800 a couple of months ago.
    and one thing I cannot understand is why this lens costs more than the faster Sony AF version ?
    if it was a German made lens then I would consider it, but this one is made by Coshina(cheap lens make in Nagano prefecture of JAN), so there is no reason for me or any rational person to justify this insane price for this just average qaulity lens.

    • Bob B.

      can we see some test shots that compare the Yang and the Zeiss?

      • jake

        yeah bob , go flickr and type 35mm Sammy vs 35mm Zeiss.
        or go site called,””.

    • Blckt

      Nice troll…

  • jake

    @ Bob B go to and see their test result 35mm Samyong vs Zeiss (actually the best 35mm f1.4 is the Sigma , though).

    the Zeiss is not really good , especially for the price. actually the zeiss has amazing build quality or so-call build quality but it is not really any more durable than the Samyong and Samyong is actually sharper in corners.

  • jake

    the metal is better mentality is the problem(it is like an annoying religion).
    we are all brainwashed to some degree and that makes our perception of Zeiss BQ much better than it actually is.
    it is just a name , indeed a big one from Europe , so many people worship for it but it is not any better than a japanese or a korean lens.
    if the same Zeiss named Sigma or Samyong, nobody would pay that much for it.

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