Another mention of 8K to be featured on the Canon EOS-1D C replacement (coming 2017) [CW3]

Another Mention Of 8K To Be Featured On The Canon EOS-1D C Replacement (coming 2017) [CW3]

First time I got a rumor about a possible replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C was in January 2016. Now I got another suggestion (thanks) saying the next iteration of the EOS-1D C will have 8K.

Nothing to get particularly excited about. That the replacement for the EOS-1D C will have 8K on board is just plausible. The EOS-1D C featured 4K, its replacement will very likely feature 8K.

The EOS-1D C was announced in 2012 and released in 2013. The EOS-1D C was the first DSLR to meet the European Broadcasting Union HD Tier 1 requirements for use in HD broadcast production. And it is a highly regarded professional DLSR in this domain (and for professional still photography). The replacement will not push this further.

For the time being I can not confirm the replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C will be a EOS-1D C Mark II, nor do I have any other hint about specs and moniker.

Finally, many big retailers do not have the EOS-1D C in stock (Adorama, for instance). Among my trusted US retailers, only B&H has it in stock. Couldn’t find it even at the Canon Store. The interesting thing: B&H has the EOS-1D C on sale at $3,999. This is a killer price for this professional Cinema DSLR that started at $15,000 when announced in 2012, and was still close to $8,000 back in January 2016.

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No Canon EOS 6D Mark II because a full-frame mirrorless camera is coming instead? [CW3]

Canon FF mirrorless camera mock-up by David Riesenberg

Canon FF mirrorless camera mock-up by David Riesenberg

Weird rumor I got (thanks). It’s suggested there will be no Canon EOS 6D Mark II because Canon will launch a mirrorless camera with a full-frame sensor instead.

As weird as this rumor might appear, it’s not entirely impossible. The EOS 6D was (and still is) Canon’s entry-level DSLR to the world of full-frame cameras. Since it seems Canon started to take mirrorless seriously with the EOS M5, why should they not work on a full-featured mirrorless full-frame camera?

Moreover, rumor has it that this full-frame mirrorless camera might come with an EF mount, which would mean all Canon EF lenses can be used without adapter. If the rumor about the EF mount is reliable, it might not be worth for Canon to sell an entry-level full-frame DSLR along with a full-featured full-frame mirrorless camera.

I am pretty sure there are prototypes of a Canon full-frame mirrorless camera undergoing first tests, not necessarily on the field, more likely in a lab setting. We also know that Canon filed various patents referring to lenses for a full-frame mirrorless camera (1 | 2). On the other hand, we also spotted a patent for an EF/EF-S adapter for a full-frame mirrorless camera. That Canon is working on such a camera is almost a sure thing, we got the rumor and reported it as first site in December 2014.

So far, anything about the EOS 6D Mark II is uncertain, the few specs we got look more like speculations than real leaks, and could also well apply to a mirrorless full-frame camera (especially the suggestion about Dual Pixel AF). The possible announcement date of the EOS 6D Mark II changed almost a half dozen times, it’s now pointing to summer 2017. Put straight: no one knows a thing for sure about the EOS 6D Mark II so far.

What do you think, might Canon replace the EOS 6D with a mirrorless camera? Let’s me know what you think in the poll and the comment section.

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New prime lenses and a zoom for Canon EOS M system coming in 2017? [CW3]

New Prime Lenses And A Zoom For Canon EOS M System Coming In 2017? [CW3]

I have been told (thanks) that Canon will announce new lenses for their EOS M system in 2017.

The rumor makes sense. Having announced the EOS M5 to the world,  Canon now definitely needs some good native lenses to improve the system. The lenses that are actually available for the EOS M do their job but are nothing particularly exciting. According to my source Canon will announce at least two prime lenses for the EOS M system, a 35mm and a 50mm. Both lenses are said “to be fast” but I didn’t get any information about the specs. Another lens for EOS M may be announced in 2017, a zoom lens that has been described to us as having a “quality above the other EOS M kit lenses” (whatever it means).

Canon Watch’s take: while the rumor comes with no specifications and is of the kind “something to come some-when” (the kind of rumors I do not like), I think this rumor has a good chance to be reliable. Canon simply can’t afford not to build some better lenses for their EOS M system, not after the feature-packed EOS M5 many people was waiting for. A 35mm and 50mm prime and a more pro-level (and possibly fast) zoom lens would benefit Canon’s EOS M ecosystem. As good as the EF/EF-S to EF-M adapter may work, there is nothing like native lenses.

Please note: this is not the first time we get the suggestion that Canon is working on prime lenses for the EOS M system. The first rumors are more than a year old, and we didn’t see new prime lenses for EOS M so far.

New Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens coming with next Rebels? [CW3]

New Canon EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM Kit Lens Coming With Next Rebels? [CW3]

This is the second lens rumored to be announced in 2017, the other being the EF 85mm f/1.4L IS.

The next iteration of Canon’s entry level Rebel line, the Rebel T7, may come with a new version of the classic kit lens, the inexpensive EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. No specs so far.

We are pretty sure Canon will announce new Rebel DSLRs soon. Registrations of possible candidates showed up at certification authorities. The announcement could happen before CP+ (February 2017).

[via Canon Rumors]

Canon Rebel T6 in gray to be announced soon [CW4]

Rebel T6

Canon will soon announce a grey Rebel T6 (image by Nokishita)

Canon may soon announce a new color option for the Canon Rebel T6, a gray camera body with a brown grip. Canon’s Rebel T6 is EOS 1300D in Europe and Kiss X80 in Japan

Please note that this grey Rebel T6 may well be one of the Canon DSLRs that have been registered at certification authorities a few weeks ago. These Canon DSLRs that have been registered are currently rumored to be the Rebel T7i and Rebel T7s.

[via Nokishita]