Yongnuo Also Cloned the Canon 2x III Telephoto Extender


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Yongnuo is getting a lot of press these days, having cloned the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, and then announced it will produce another “replica”, the EF 35mm f/2.

And that’s not all. I just learned you can buy a replica of Canon’s 2x III telephoto extender, again made by Yongnuo. It’s available on Amazon for $180, and it is a lot cheaper than the original Canon EF 2.X III Telephoto Extender, which sells for $449.

  • The Magnification: 2 times
  • Mount:EF mount(Electronically controlled)
  • Lens construction: 9 elements in 5 groups
  • Dimensions(max.dia. ×length): 55×73.9mm
  • When Extender EF2X is attached,the lens maximum aperture will be smaller by 2 stop.In the above two case, the camera will compensate the exposure automatically.

Where will this end? Will Yongnuo start to clone “L” lenses too? :-)


Use Your Phone or Tablet as Wireless Remote for your DSLR with CASE Remote

The CASE Remote is a light and small wireless camera controller, that enables you to wirelessly control your DSLR through your mobile devices. Android and iOS are supported. The CASE Remote connects to your DSLR through the USB port. This cool piece of gear is available on Amazon for $129.

The CASE Remote is made by Chinese startup Cheering Tech. The following Canon DSLRs are supported (cameras with an asterisk do not support live view streaming):

EOS 1000D (Kiss F)*
EOS 1100D (Kiss X50)
EOS 1200D (Kiss X70)
EOS 100D (Kiss X7)
EOS 450D (Kiss X2)*
EOS 600D (Kiss X5)
EOS 650D (Kiss X6i)
EOS 700D (Kiss X7i)
EOS 5D Mark Ⅱ
EOS 5D Mark Ⅲ


Features and use cases:

  • Wireless capture and save image to your mobile device
  • Live view and touch focus* to capture image from your device
  • Remotely edit and view camera settings
  • Lighter and smaller, easy to carry
  • Working with IOS and Android system
  • Easy attach by ¼ screw hole and hot shoe
  • GPS embedded photos
  • Share photos and stories with friends
  • Time lapse
  • HDR
  • Focus stacking
  • Wildlife
  • Self portrait
  • Macro
  • Aerial and pole
  • Architectural and real estate


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Yongnuo Clones Another Canon Lens (35mm f/2)


Thanks Doug

They can’t stop doing it. Youngnuo announced another Canon lens clone on their site. It’s a 35mm f/2 lens.

The specs:

  • Closest focusing distance up to 0.25 meter, when under close-up shooting, it is available to get the unique sense of depth of the wide-angle lens.
  • f/2 large aperture,virtual background,which makes photography with more fun.
  • Support auto focus (AF) and manual focus (MF) mode.
  • The aperture blades up to 7 pieces,which allows you able to shoot the near-circular diffuse plaques,appropriately narrow the apertures can shoot the 14 astral effect.
  • Adopts chrome high precision metal bayonet,which effectively improve the goodness to fit the camera body and the bayonet strength, wear and corrosion resistance for durable use.
  • Full line of the products are glass lenses.
  • Supports full-frame and APS-C format cameras,supports M/AV/TV/P and other camera shooting modes,and can be displayed the aperture data in the EXIF Information.
  • Multi-coated lenses,effectively improve the transmittance and suppress the ghosting and flare when in backlit shooting .
  • Adopts gold plating for the metal contacts,effectively improve the signal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

This comes short after we learned about the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 clone. Youngnuo products are available on Amazon.

35f2-4 35f2-3 35f2-2

Is Canon Set To Release a New EOS 5D Mark III Firmware That Blocks Magic Lantern?


Rumor has it Canon might soon release a new firmware for the EOS 5D Mark III that will block the installation of Magic Lantern.

A user of the Magic Lantern forum writes:

Few weeks ago I bought a 5D M III. Today I tried to install Magic Latern, but I failed. The firmware version of my camera is 1.3.3, and there was no ML installation file for this version. Then I visited Cannon’s website to download firmware 1.2.3. I tried to install 1.2.3, but my camera said ‘Firmware older than Ver. 1.3.0 is on memory card. Delete old file and update using later version.’. One thing I was surprised about is that there is no firmware 1.3.3 on Cannon’s webpage. It is very strange that my camera is running 1.3.3 firmware.

It is not unusual that cameras that had service come back with newer firmware versions before these firmware versions are made available, the same can be said for new camera batches send to retailers.

I don’t think Canon is trying to block Magic Lantern on your EOS 5D Mark III. Most probably this is just a new firmware version that is yet not supported by ML. What Canon may try to do is to block the use of third party batteries thru a new firmware. Finally, the whole post in the ML forum could also be nothing more than a hoax.

I’ll keep you posted.

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