DEAL: EOS 5D Mark II body only new for $1,998.50 and two refurbished for $1,893.96

Top rated eBay seller getitdigital has more than ten EOS 5D Mark II bodies available for $1,998.50. Shipping is free for the USA. The EOS 5DMark II is still an excellent camera, and at this price it’s becoming a bargain. Click here to check the deal before it is to late. Next, top rated seller axxii has two refurbished EOS 5D Mark II for $1,893.96 (click here).Key features:

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How tough is an EOS 7D? (very tough!)

Ok, DO NOT replicate these “tests” using your camera. You could regret it. :-) Over at Digitalrev they decided to see how durable an EOS 7D is, and to check this they decided to throw the camera downstairs, to let a truck hit it, to freeze it, not to speak of the microwave oven and the flames and the fire that were used. Want to know how strong and durable your 7D is? Then this is the video for you. It’s unbreakable. Have fun! And don’t take it too serious. :-)

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Rumor: Canon entry-level full-frame camera for Photokina?

It’s rumor time in the Canon galaxy! After the information about an upcoming mirror-less system by Canon, now another one of my sources notified me that Canon will announce an entry level full-frame camera at Photokina in September. Here the specifications I got:

  • Price tag below $2,000
  • 21MP sensor
  • Weather sealed body, but not at the same level as the EOS 5D Mark III
  • Simpler auto-focus system than the EOS 5D Mark III (could be the AF of the EOS 7D, which, btw, is a very powerful AF system)

I think the rumor is plausible. Nikon is said to introduce an entry-level FF (probably named D600) in the next months, and it is perfectly normal that Canon will try to counter it with an own entry-level FF camera. Let’s see. Looks like we will have a lot to discuss and speculate about in the next months. ;-)

EOS 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 Live-View Usability

Ok, it appears that the D800 has more problems than most people would like it to have. After what we already reported (and here too), it looks as if there was another little big problem. The live view of the Nikon D800 seems to be rather disappointing if compared to the one featured on the EOS 5D Mark III – at least for night shots. Photographer Ron Martinsen writes about what he calls a D800 live view zoom bug:

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EOS 5D Mark III vs Nikon’s D800 & D4 video mode comparison by P. Bloom

Good comparison between three different full-frame cameras used to shot video. Philip Bloom compares the Nikon D4 with the Nikon D800 and the EOS 5D Mark III. It’s a 30 minutes review (conclusion at ~23:00) and it focuses on aliasing artifacts and low-light performance. Needless to say, the 5D Mark III has outstanding low-light performance and controls aliasing very good (check the 400% zooms!). The aliasing on the D800 is very bad, especially at 720p. So bad, that an additional aliasing filter was mounted on the D800’s sensor (to show how much it could be made better). On the other hand, the D800 has cleaner HDMI output and is generally sharper out of the box than the 5D Mark III. All in all the review shows once more that the 5D Mark III is a very good all-purpose camera. The video shows live-crops beside the recorded scenes (different high ISOs). Enjoy the video!

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