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A lot of Canon full frame mirrorless talk, but nothing that’s new

canon rumorsCanon full frame mirrorless

There is another wave of Canon full frame mirrorless rumors rolling over the web. Nothing new to report, it’s either recycled from previous rumors or it leans towards the “wishful thinking” side.

However, latest has it that we may see a Canon full frame mirrorless camera that will not be part of Canon’s EOS system, that may be similar to an EOS 5D Mark IV but obviously without the mirror mechanism, and that it may shoot 4K video at 30/25/24 fps.

Announcement is now again suggested to happen in September 2018 (with some doubts, though). A September 2018 announcement, ready for Photokina, has always been what we were told. Never the less, we started to have some doubts about a September 2018 announcement. We only can be sure that Canon will announce their full frame mirrorless camera somewhen before May 2019. As a side note, it appears that most rumor outlets now promote a sensor resolution around 36MP, something we were too long time ago,

Besides all the noise and wishful dreaming, we still know very little about Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera. All tidbits we collected and were told in the past are listed here. Please note that none of the following has been confirmed to us so far, we do not sell this as a confirmed rumor:

  • Dedicated full frame CMOS sensor, resolution around 36MP seems to be likely
  • Different sources and sites were reporting that early prototypes exist, at least to be tested inside Canon’s labs. This intel came in 2016 and early 2017.
  • Canon is possibly working on a full-frame mirrorless camera with EF mount. There have been rumors saying that Canon is delaying this camera because of issues in implementing the EF mount. There is a lot of talk about this. If Canon manages to engineer a full-frame mirrorless camera with EF mount, thus allowing us to use our beloved EF lenses on a smaller and hopefully performing body, it will be a winner. Imagine what you could do with a MILC that goes along with your EF lenses. There is a serious chance we may see this.
  • Announcement may come for Photokina 2018 (September), or later in 2019 Q1.

At the end of the day, there is just one thing we can be sure about: Canon is set to announce a full frame mirrorless camera within a year at most. Here at CW we know since a while and reported it. Even Sony’s CEO said that Canon will announce a FF mirrorless before Q1 2019.

All Canon full frame mirrorless rumors are listed here.

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