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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV best selling digital camera on Amazon US

eos 5d mark iv

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, announced last night, is already the best selling digital camera on Amazon US.

Click the link below for introduction and hands-on videos, previews, pre-order links, and more.

  • Thomas E.

    Like I said, I think there is a LOT of demand for this camera. I just hope I got my order in quick enough to be in the first batch of recipients. Got my order in at 6:15 CST this morning :D

    • Arnold

      all the second class youtube testers pre-order on amazon.. and send them back after a few days.

  • Arnold

    when i fly to the USA and buy the camera there i have the flight for free.
    time to visit NY and piss on one of trumps buildings….

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