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Canon EOS 6D Mark II coming June 29, featuring 26MP sensor? [CW3]


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The rumor mill is getting hot on the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. A new rumor suggests the EOS 6D Mark II may have a 26MP sensor, and that it may be announced on June 29.

Previously, we got rumor for an announcement on July 20/21. Then, some leaked information about the EOS 6D Mark II and other unregistered gear made me think Canon may announce it earlier. The latest announcement rumor suggests June 29 for the announcement. The 6D Mark II should then ship in August.

The other interesting bit concerns the image sensor. Until now the rumoured resolution was 28MP. The new rumor suggests it will be 26MP. It’s still suggested it will be a completely new sensor (which also the EOS 6D got when released).

We still have no reliable information about the feature set. For the time being, the following (suggested to us over the last 2 years) are likely to be EOS 6D Mark II features:

  • A newly developed sensor, 26MP is the latest rumoured resolution
  • Dual Pixel AF will be on board
  • Price around $2,000
  • Unlikely to have 4K video
  • Upgraded AF system
  • Touchscreen
  • Tiltable display
  • Digic 7
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Larger viewfinder than EOS 6D
  • Slightly larger than EOS 6D
  • New battery grip BG-E21

The announcement of the EOS 6D Mark II will go along with the announcement for the Rebel SL2 and a new entry-level mirrorless camera.

All Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors.

Stay tuned!

  • Mistral75

    > A new rumor suggests the EOS 6D Mark II (…) may be announced on July 29.

    On June 29, not July. You might envisage to re-read (and possibly quote) your source. July 29th is a Saturday, implying a Sunday announcement in Japan…

    • CW Steve

      Crap! Happens when posting while commuting. Thanks​.

  • Gilboa

    I hope this new sensor continues Canon’s improvement in DR for every new sensor released. I’m hoping for at least 14 stops at base ISO. But no 4K capability on a new FF DSLR in 2017 is disappointing, if true.

  • amomentcapturedsimply

    I was wondering, how can you be proud of yourself ? Basically, all you are doing is copying the news from Canon Rumors website. And you are doing that every day! That is insane. Hope you get paid well at least.

    • Deep Freeze

      Troll. Ignore.

    • CW Steve

      Well you are very wrong. The 6d2 spec list leaked first here on CW, as did other stuff. The 6d2 spec list was posted all over the net, we never got a mention. CR posted the 6d2 spec list selling it as their own rumor.
      We report all rumors, not just our own as other sites do.
      Are you paid to write this crap? Does it make you proud?
      Maybe you should get your facts right.

      • Deep Freeze

        Don’t ya just love those trolls with a private account? Gives them tremendous credibility!

  • Abdelmouttaleb Azeddine

    Lol no 4k
    Canon …. wake up

    • Deep Freeze

      Sony Troll. Ignore….

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