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Canon EOS M20 to be announced at the end of August, 24MP sensor? [CW3]

Canon EOS M20 To Be Announced At The End Of August, 24MP Sensor? [CW3]
The Canon EOS M10 will be replaced soon

This is not a new rumor, it surfaced previously. We got a hint that Canon will announce the replacement for the Canon EOS M10 at the end of August 2017.

I can’t rate this more than CW3 for the time being, though the likelihood of an August announcement is high.

The EOS M10 is Canon’s entry-level MILC, it’s safe to assume the EOS M20 will follow in its footsteps. The moniker “EOS M20” was suggested to Canon Watch in June 2017. We also know that a Canon entry-level camera was registered at a certification authority back in May 2017. While there are still some doubts about the name, it’s sure that there will be an EOS M10 replacement.

So what about the specs? None leaked so far. The EOS M20 will not be a powerhouse, but you can assume that some of the features introduced with the EOS M5 and EOS M6 will find there way to Canon’s next entry-level MILC. The only thing I feel I can say is that it will have a 24MP sensor, like all recent Canon DSLRs and MILCs.

If an August announcement is to take seriously, then we will soon see some leaked specs and images.

Stay tuned…

  • John

    G1 X Mark III?

    • CW Steve

      No hints so far except that it will not have 4K Video :-)

      • John

        I am waiting for info about patent for 12-60mm F/2-4 lens for 1.5″ sensors. If that lens will be for G1X that could be first wide angle compact camera.

  • Rick

    probably in the next 1-2 weeks. we’re seeing the japan leak sources not get the info until 7-10 days prior to announcement now. Canon has really clamping down on leaks. Maybe trump should hire them for the white house lol.

    I’m curious to see the specs of this. will canon go the G(7,9)x and SL2, T7i, 77D, M(5,6) route and put the same guts in all cameras? if so, the M20 could be a mean little pocket camera.

    with the 549 USD SL2 getting the same digic / sensor of it’s bigger and more expensive brothers, you’d have to think the possibility is there.

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