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Future Canon PowerShot cameras rumored to feature APS-C sensors [CW3]


Next PowerShot G1 X to feature an APS-C sensor?

We reported that we were told the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III might have an APS-C sensor instead of the 1.5″ sensor used so far on the series. We got this hint from two different, albeit new sources.

A new rumor suggests that Canon may produce more PowerShot cameras with an APS-C sensor in the future.

The next iterations of the PowerShot G3 X and G5 X are named. Speculation goes that even smaller PowerShot cameras like the G9 X and G7 X series may feature an APS-C sensor, which is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.

This is entirely possible. It’s since a while that people are asking (hoping) Canon would feature larger sensors in their pretty powerful and popular PowerShot cameras. However, it may also be nothing but wishful thinking. Given how much Canon likes to segment their offerings it wouldn’t be surprising if the latter hits the mark. Maybe it will happen. If it does, it would allow Canon to reenforce their market position in this category.

The PowerShot G1 X Mark III is expected to be announced soon, though I do not have a clear hint about the date. It showed up at a registration authority, and this is usually a sign that the announcement isn’t that far away.

We keep you posted, stay tuned.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    app-c sensor is wishful thinking – it would mean larger lens – which adds weight as well – 1.5 inch sensor is the max for that size body – it is not an issue to fit an aps-c sensor in a small body – it is the physics of the lens – my guess is – same lens as before and still 1.5 inch sensor – but Dual Pixel focus – and faster processor and some other improvements – but my guess is still no 4K video –

    the G1x has been an under performer before and I expect it to continue to be :( Panasonic is rumored to come out wit their second version of their LX100 – with a tad smaller sensor – but it will have 4k – total touch LCD – EVF etc –

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