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Canon Rebel T5i (EOS 700D / Kiss X7i) Specifications and Images Leaked

EOS 700D

Now we know what will be the other DSLR Canon is going to announce on Friday. After the information about the extra-small DSLR EOS-b and a new 18-55mm STM kit lens, specifications and images of the successor of the Rebel T4i/EOS 650D have leaked. The Rebel T5i/ EOS 700D will go on sale with two kits, EF-S 18-55mm IS STM and EF-S 18-135mm IS STM. Release to the public in April 2013. Here are the specs:

– 18 million pixel sensor
– The image processing engine DIGIC5
– AF is 9-point, all cross-point sensor
– 1.04 million dot LCD monitor wide-3.0, Vari-Angle, touch panel
– 5 fps continuous shooting /
– Full HD video
– 30-1/4000 seconds shutter speed, flash sync is 1/200 sec
– ISO range is equivalent to ISO25600 100-12800, extended sensitivity
– Creative Filters seven
– SD / SDHC / SDXC media (corresponding UHS-I)
– Battery LP-E8
– Weight (including battery and memory card) 580g
– (On-sale date) the end of April Release Date
– Expected price 89 000 yen shop
– Provided with the kit lens EF-S18-55mm IS STM, with kit lens EF-S18-135mm IS STM

Hmm, the EOS 700D (T5i/X7i) doesn’t look very different from the previous model, the Rebel T4i/EOS 650D (price & specs).

Canon Rebel T4i/EOS 650D/Kiss X6i price check: Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA, can be rented at borrowlenses (click here).

[via digicaminfo]
  • David

    Haha! Not again this retarded sensor… Canon is dead…no evolution.

  • Will

    wow. I hope canon does an apple “but wait theres more” announcement and release an amazing 70d or 7d2 or i have a lot of selling to do…

    • Stewie

      Why are you selling? Did all of your equipment just start sucking?

      • Will

        It’s time to replace my 40d as 10 MP isnt going to cut it for me anymore as Im making bigger prints and Canon hasnt been showing me anything I want where Nikon has released both the d600 and d7100 and both of them have what I want and more for my next camera.

  • Bora

    Noting exiting. Same as 650D. What’s Canon doing?

  • Eric

    It will just be another disappointment when Canon announce 70d or 7d2

    • Dan

      The 70D will likely be just a smaller 6D with an APS-C sensor. 1 Card slot, crappy AF, no new features, and maybe if we are lucky wifi & gps. I am preparing for disappointment

  • Anton

    Genuine question: what is wrong with the sensor? Is it not some sort of 5D MkII derivative?

    The 5D is a sweet camera.

    • Chevy77

      It’s the same sensor as the 7D, T3i, and T4i. It’s not a “bad” sensor, but it is still 4 year old technology. You’d think they’d be able design a new and improved sensor by now. It doesn’t compare to the 5DMK2. That’s a whole other league.

  • Hmmm

    Wow, it’s just like the previous models, except a new model number!!! Can’t beat that Canon innovation.

  • physica

    Well…. There’s still a obvious change from 650D which other person didn’tmentioned….

    The model plate is obviously changed…..

    Poops , still have any change? Oh yes , the price is just return to brand new’s level….

  • Lorentzen

    Ridiculous! What are Canon doing?!

    Same sensor and specs as the 650D and they now just change the name to 700D?!

  • Michel

    Canon is so revolutionary like Apple. Nearly the same products but different price. Great canon. Maybe Nikon gets interested in getting new customers

  • Jay

    Well, I guess the new 18-55mm STM kit lens is an upgrade … but I would have liked to see something that makes me regret buying my T4i and not waiting for the T5i. I don’t care about the kit lens and other than that it looks like essentially the same camera.

  • ssrdd

    Stupid 18mp sensor. No fanboy shouting..seriously.

  • Will

    Honestly, the more I think about this, the more I think its BS. Its the exact same as the T4i. Its smoke and mirrors for a big announcement…. hopefully….

  • Phil

    Same as the 650D, that was same as the 600D, that was same as the 550D (except for the screen). That’s evolution!

  • botw

    I can’t believe this is right… why bother?

  • donthasslethehoff

    $800. Wow.

  • Britney

    If this is true, I`ll sell my canon hardware and replace it with a nikon. Sorry. Look at the D5200 – this is progress!

  • Anri

    Canon, what a fuck are you doing???

  • Dan

    Canon fell asleep for a year. Who is coming up with these cameras…and lenses…and prices. Does Canon think they rule the market? Wonder how many 28mm f/2.8 IS lenses they sold for $850. Nice of them to put a 9 point AF system with 1 cross type point in a $2000 camera…and 1 card slot. This camera (and all of their other stuff recently) has been designed by a board room picking and choosing what goes in and out of the camera just so they won’t impede sales from another body. Rather than pushing themselves to the max on each body and lens they design.

  • Murilo

    what do you think about the idea? this canon 7D mk II, 7D replace the vai come? for anyone thinking of buying the 7D is very bad now? the 7D mk II Full Frame will probably be correct?

    • Romant

      as for me 7D is a very worthy camera, and if they upgrade it to a ff and it will be no more than MK III – this will be the right decision.

    • Chevy77

      7D has been positioned as the pro APS-C model. It was never intended to compete against the full frame bodies like the 5DMK3. If (and that’s a BIG if) the sensor gets bigger it will only go to the APS-H format. Canon would sooner discontinue the line before making it full frame.

  • James

    still no reason to upgrade from the 550d/T2i?!?!?!
    Same lame sensor for 4 camera generations. What a sham!

  • Felipe Henao

    Canon you are gone Nikon the new king, Look at NIkon D7100, Canon can not give something like that for any price. Bye Bye Canon

  • cbg0326

    maybe this new camera 700d has a new hybrid af system…and improve image quality, because this only the 2nd rebel camera to use digic 5

  • Mikey

    You would think they would do something like add Wifi or GPS, but wierd that there is practically no benefit of this instead of a T4i, at least from what we know right now. On the otherhand for a rebel what more can you ask for?

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