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Canon set to announce a new high ISO, multi-purpose camera soon? (that would be the ME20F-SHN)

Canon Set To Announce A New High ISO, Multi-purpose Camera Soon? (that Would Be The ME20F-SHN)
Canon ME20F-SHN

Canon ME20F-SH at a glance:

  • Up to 4 Million ISO & 12 Stops DR
  • Full Frame 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • Canon DIGIC DV 4
  • Full HD up to 60p
  • HD/3G-SDI & HDMI Connectors
  • Canon Locking Cinema EF Lens Mount

One of Canon’s less discussed imaging products is the ME20F-SH, a multi-purpose camera with a full-frame sensor and ISO capabilities up to 4M. The ME20F-SH is a specialised camera, it sells for $20,000, and is used for pretty cool applications. There is a more affordable version, the Canon ME200S-SH, selling at $5000. It’s still a full-frame sensor but with less ISO performance.

According to what we can deduce from a tweet by Nokishita, Canon may soon announce what appears to be either a replacement or an addition to this particular family of cameras, the ME20F-SHN. Does the “N” stay for “network”? No clue so far.


Canon ME20F-SHN

  • Kevin Opar

    I hope canon puts this technology towards a more consumer oriented low-res-high-sensitivity camera like Sony has in the a7s line. F/1.4 is fun after-hours on my 6d. I’m sure the 5d iv and 1d Xs are great as well, but I’m saving up for an a7sii to chase night time wildlife around. I’d rather buy a canon if it could compete.

    • CaptainPotzdorf


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