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Canon set to announce a new high ISO, multi-purpose camera soon? (that would be the ME20F-SHN)

Canon Set To Announce A New High ISO, Multi-purpose Camera Soon? (that Would Be The ME20F-SHN)
Canon ME20F-SHN

Canon ME20F-SH at a glance:

  • Up to 4 Million ISO & 12 Stops DR
  • Full Frame 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • Canon DIGIC DV 4
  • Full HD up to 60p
  • HD/3G-SDI & HDMI Connectors
  • Canon Locking Cinema EF Lens Mount

One of Canon’s less discussed imaging products is the ME20F-SH, a multi-purpose camera with a full-frame sensor and ISO capabilities up to 4M. The ME20F-SH is a specialised camera, it sells for $20,000, and is used for pretty cool applications. There is a more affordable version, the Canon ME200S-SH, selling at $5000. It’s still a full-frame sensor but with less ISO performance.

According to what we can deduce from a tweet by Nokishita, Canon may soon announce what appears to be either a replacement or an addition to this particular family of cameras, the ME20F-SHN. Does the “N” stay for “network”? No clue so far.


Canon ME20F-SHN

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