Canon Rumor: 5 New EOS M Lenses Might Be Announced Within Next 2 Years

Canon Rumor EOS M50 Full Frame Mirrorless

Here is a Canon rumor we got about the future of the EOS M mirrorless camera system.

A new source told us that Canon is planning to expand the EF-M lens lineup with five new lenses. The commercial success of the Canon EOS M50 seems to have motivated Canon to develop new EF-M lenses.

The five lenses that Canon might release over the next two years are:

  • EF-M 15mm f/2 STM
  • EF-M 52mm f/2 STM
  • EF-M 62mm f/4 Macro IS STM
  • EF-M 18-45mm f/2.8-4 IS STM
  • EF-M 100-300mm f/5.6-8 IS STM

According to the source, the EF-M 52mm f/2 STM and EF-M 100-300mm f/5.6-8 IS STM where initially planned to be released in late 2020. The Coronavirus outbreak and the disruptions in supply and manufacturing chains will make it likely that both these lenses will be released in 2021 along with the other lenses.

The next camera Canon will release is the game changing EOS R5. All we know about the R5 is listed here. More Canon rumor stuff is listed here.

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These 7 Canon RF Lenses Are Going To Be Announced In 2020

Canon RF 50mm F/1.2L Review Canon Rf Lenses

This will be a year with a lot of Canon RF lenses to get announced.

Part of Canon’s RF lenses roadmap has been made public by the company itself:

Canon eOS R5
Canon’s RF lens roadmap (click for a bigger vuew)

However, that’s not all we can expect. All in all, at least the following Canon RF lenses are going to be announced in 2020:

There are no reason to believe the list above is not reliable. Canon is investing in its novel EOS R full frame mirorless system. Moreover, a real industry game changer has been announced and will be released soon, the EOS R5.

The latest Canon rumors are listed here.

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon Lens Rumor: RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Macro, More Images And Basic Specs

Canon Lens Rumor

Close to the announcement, here is a Canon lens rumor with new images and basic specifications of the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Macro lens for the EOS R full frame mirrorless system. Note that this lens was previously rumored to have f/3.5-5.6.

According to Nokishita, the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Macro has this specifications:

  • Optics made of 13 elements and 13 groups
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.2m (autofocus) /0.13m (manual focus) 
  • Maximum shooting magnification: 0.4x (autofocus at 105mm) / 0.5x (manual focus at 24mm)
  • 5 stops image stabilisation
  • Filter diameter is 67mm
  • 76.6mm x 88.8mm, 395g

We expect the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Macro to get announced very soon, likely this or next week. More images of the lens are here.

We also expect Canon to announce the EOS R5 and the Rebel T8i very soon and within the same time frame as the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Macro. There is also a (controversial) set of specifications for the EOS R5 that’s going around. The specs in bold are said to be more reliable. But still: 8K video at 30fps seems definitely a bit of a stretch, and 4K at 120fps too.

  • It will not be named Canon EOS Rs but R5
  • 45mp full frame CMOS sensor
  • IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation)
    • 5 stops with IBIS alone
    • 7-8 stops of correction when used with in-lens stabilization
  • 12fps mechanical, 20fps electronic
  • Scroll wheel added to the back
  • No touch bar
  • Liveview/Movie toggle like previous EOS DSLRs
  • Larger capacity battery, but looks like the LP-E6
  • 8K@30fps RAW
  • 4K@120fps
  • 4K@60fps
  • Built-in 5GHz WiFi
  • New battery, but the same shape and compatibility as the EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Announcement February 2020 ahead of CP+
  • Shipping in July 2020 

More Canon lens rumor stuff is listed here.

Canon Rumor: An RF 100-500mm Lens For The EOS R Might Get Released This Year

Canon Rumor Kazuto Ogawa

A new Canon rumor came up. There are reasons to believe that Canon will release one more lens after the RF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM.

The second lens for the Canon EOS R system that might get announced in 2020 is rumored to be the RF 100-500mm. For the time of writing, we don’t know if it will be an “L” lens (expensive) or a more budget-oriented one. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes as an “L” lens.

No specifications have leaked so far for the RF 100-500mm. However, if the rumor is reliable then we will soon see images and specs.

In case you missed yesterday’s bunch of new Canon rumors, here they are listed for you:

Stay tuned for the next Canon rumor.

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon RF Lens Rumor: A Nifty Fifty And Maybe A Pancake Lens Coming In 2020

Canon EF 40mm Canon Rf Lens Rumor

Here is a new Canon RF lens rumor.

It’s suggested Canon will announce two relatively inexpensive lenses for the Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless system: a 50mm f/1.8 (Nifty Fifty) lens and maybe also a pancake lens with f/2.8.

The source claims that at least the f/2.8 pancake is “definitely in the works” and that we might expect the announcement within the first half of 2020.

The same source claims the 50mm f/1.8 lens has already been shown on a roadmap document, though without any timeframe for the announcement.

This rumor has a high likelihood to be reliable. First, a 50mm f/1.8 lens seems to be just a must for any full frame system, so it’s nothing but straight logic to expect Canon to release it. Secondly, a pancake lens with f/2.8 is also just straight logic, at least at some focal lenght. Both lenses are for sure on Canon’s RF mount roadmap.

Stay tuned for the next Canon RF lens rumor.

Source: Canon Rumors