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Short EOS 5D Mark III light-leaking update

Let me first say that the much discusses light-leaking issue is nothing that would seriously affect your images. And there is no reason to return your camera or to cancel pre-orders. However, a new 5D Mark III owner wrote to Canon and got this answer:

Further to your enquiry we would like to inform you that we very recently (in April) have become aware of this and is now a known issue with the EOS 5D Mark III model. The AE sensor in the camera detects the light from the LCD panel when it is turned on and the exposure value will be altered. The change is not significant as it will be altered by approximately 1/3rd of a stop but can be noticeable. You can continue to use your 5D Mark III and the LCD screen can be turned off to receive the correct exposure.

Check the videos to learn more…

[via dpreview forum]

  • Peter

    my nikon d90 shows the same behavior.

  • Norman Shoe

    Peter, the viewfinder light leakage is not uncommon on Canon cameras. The literature for my Rebel T2i talks about using the viewfinder cap that is attached to the strap to avoid such leakage when the camera is on a tripod.

  • Henrik

    Look in the manual, and think about why there is a viewfinder-cover on the neck-strap.

    The manual clearly states, that you have to cover the viewfinder when you don’t have your eye at the viewfinder, on a tripod for example.

    When you measure the “light-leak” in the first movie, you are WAY under the specified 0EV that the specifications guarantee for the light-meter to work at. Your aperture read 0,0 in your viewfinder – not a normal lens you use. Did it ruin any other pictures than those of the inside of your body-cap?

    I’m still in the market for a brand new 5D III – not worried at all by this “defect” !! And i will not send it in for service before other things eventually should happen.

  • John

    When I tested my 5d Mark III it went from f/5.6 to f/16. Hardly a 1/3 of a stop!

    • Hello… f5.6 to f16 is THREE STOPS! How do you get 1/3 of stop??

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