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Is Canon Set To Release A New 4/3 Sensor Body? (Update)

Update: A friendly reader (thanks!) told me that the patent doesn’t refer to a 4/3 ratio but to a sensor with a 4/3 inch diagonal.

I am still puzzled by the Canon patent I wrote about yesterday, a patent referring to two lenses for a 4/3 format sensor: a 14-28mm f/1.4-2.4 and a 12-28mm f/2-3.2 lens. Since the only Canon camera sporting a 4/3 ratio sensor is the Powershot G1X I am wondering what is going on. Is Canon planning to release an interchangeable lens camera with 4/3 ratio sensor? Anyone?


  • Salty

    Canon’s S line doesn’t look special anymore with the S110’s small sensor and F2.0-5.9 lens compared to the LX7’s F1.4-2.3

    The G1X looks big and slow with it’s f2.8-5.6 lens compared to cameras like the RX100 (a different beast I know)

    Hopefully Canon have decided to try and catch up and release something with a large sensor and a fast lens.

    Which is surely what every has wanted this whole time… unlike the megapixel race we might finally see a new race that leads to better images. Yay!

  • 554353

    it´s for a cheap camcorder.

  • jake

    actually the original source site says it is for a new 4/3 sensor based compact camera.

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