Canon EOS-1D X Review (ephotozine)

New Canon EOS-1D X Firmware Released

ephotozine reviewed Canon’s professional flagship, the Canon EOS-1D X (price & specs). Highly weather-sealed body, an advanced AF system, plenty of controls, outstanding low light performance. This toy has everything a professional photographer may wish. In the verdict they write:

If you’re looking for the ultimate in speed, image quality, and performance, as well as exceptional low light performance then the Canon EOS 1D X certainly delivers in abundance. With extremely high ISO settings available it’s possible to shoot in low light situations hand-held where you would normally have to setup a tripod and timer, as long as you don’t mind using these higher ISO settings.


The Canon EOS 1D X gives the best low light high ISO performance of any full frame Digital SLR yet! One of the biggest negatives about this camera is the price, with the Canon EOS 1D X being one of the most expensive full frame Digital SLRs available, however, for those seeking the ultimate in speed, and low light performance, the price will be justified, assuming you have the budget for it.

They list the following pros:

  • Exceptional high ISO performance
  • Excellent image quality
  • 2 year warranty offered on Canon Pro bodies
  • Extremely solid build quality
  • Large, bright optical viewfinder
  • Fastest shooting full frame DSLR available
  • Large bright optical viewfinder
  • Great 3.2inch screen
  • High speed focus

and cons:

  • Size, Weight
  • Expense (Nikon D4 cheaper)
  • Lacks in camera HDR of following models

The EOS-1D X got a “highly recommended” rating. Canon EOS-1D X price check: [shopcountry 4119] [via ephotozine]

A Little Bit Of Everything

First Canon EOS-1D C Unboxing Video

I you like unboxing videos, and if you’re dreaming about the EOS-1D C, then this is for your viewing pleasure. Planet5D has the first unboxing video for the EOS-1D C.

The EOS-1D C could be a strong innovator, or even a game changer in photography. Being able to shot 4k footage, it allows photogs to get high quality stills from motion. A hot issue we covered in the past.

The Canon EOS-1D C is in stock at B&H (click here) and Adorama (click here). Price is a whooping $11.999.

Canon EOS-1D C price check: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon CA, KEH Camera, BestBuy, Canon CA, Canon USA

[via planet5d]


Rumor: Metabones Working On A Speed Booster For Canon FD Mount Lenses

Immediately after I reported about Metabones' amazing “Speed Booster” adapter for EF lenses, a trusted source contacted me and told me that Metabones is working on a Speed Booster adapter for Canon FD lenses as well. This adapter should have a lower price tag, since it is missing the electronic part.

Unfortunately there was no exact information about the road map, i.e. when the adapter will be announced, just that it shouldn't take much time.

Cool news! Being able to use good old Canon FD lenses is of great interest for a lot of mirrorless camera users (Sony NEX' for first, but don't forget the rest of the MFT crowd).