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[Rumor] New Tidbits About Canon’s Entry-Level Full Frame Camera (EOS 6D?)

The rumor is reported by NL. As you probably know, we expect Canon to announce an entry-level full frame DSLR (have a look here too) for Photokina in September 2012. The reported specs basically cover what I already reported before. The information I got in the past were naming an EOS 7D Mark II as the upcoming entry-level full frame camera, while NL is referring to a 6D. Whatever the name will be, I think it can be taken for granted that Canon is indeed working on such a camera (and maybe already testing prototypes), especially if you consider that Nikon is doing the same (there is a leaked image of the cam). ’nuff said, let’s have a look on the leaked specs (I hope this camera comes with a more advanced AF system):

  • Two different sensor specs received […] for a ‘cheaper’ FF DSLR.
  • One suggests an 18MP sensor and the other 22MP
    • Looks like straightforward remodelling of either the 1DX or 5D3 sensors
  • Other features:
    • Design closer to 7D than 5D3 (smaller and with flash)
    • 7D style AF system (19 pt) and VF LCD
    • 7D metering
    • Single Digic 5+
    • 3.9 fps
    • 3 inch LCD
    • 51200 max ISO
    • sub – $2000 price point at introduction
[via NL]
  • If this system comes to be, won’t it render the APS-C as irrelevent?

    I would upgrade from my 5DMKII.

    • ralf

      FF has to become cheaper.

      the time for APS-C as 1000+ $ bodys should be long gone.
      APS-C for everything below 1000$ and above that FF.

      it´s about time!!

  • Gabriel

    1100D around 500$, EOS-M 800$, 650D around 1000$, 7D 1500$ and entry level FF 2000$. There is room for every system in Canon realm.

  • ralf

    if the specs are true im in for it…. thought 24 MP would be nice.. but there is no chance (or 5%) for that to become true.

  • Sam

    A lot of people want a swivel screen!!! Me too!!!! Who doesn’t like it don’t move it!! Somme people say that without a swivel screen it looks like more solid…. How stupid is these words?!… Obviously if you use your camera like a toy you can break it! A swivel screen is fantastic because with it we can create more artistic photos!!

  • sean

    If they can do all that for sub $2,000 where is the $1500 worth of differences in the 5D3?

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