Will Canon Announce The EOS R100 In 2023?

Canon Eos R100 Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

Canon’s next EOS R model with an APS-C imaging sensor might not be far away, according to a new, low rated rumor. It might be the Canon EOS R100.

Rumor has it that Canon might announce the Canon EOS R100 in 2023. A set of alleged specifications also leaked:

  • 24.2 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 4k 30p 8bit
  • There is no HDR PQ mode like the EOS R10
  • 14fps continuous shooting speed
  • 3.0-inch 1.04 million dot vari-angle monitor
  • Scheduled to be released Q1 or Q2 2023

Take it with a grain of salt. The source of the rumor is not very reliable.

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The White Unicorn Is Delayed Again (Canon EOS R7 with APS-C sensor)

Canon Eos R100 Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

Here are the latest about the Canon EOS R7, the white unicorn in the Canon rumors domain.

Rumored since the beginning of the EOS R era, the Canon EOS R7 is said to get announced within a few months, and then gets delayed again. We heard it being in the hand of selected photographers and undergoing field testing, then we heard it will be the next camera Canon is going to announce. But now we are told that it will come not earlier than Q4 2022.

The Canon EOS R7, featuring an APS-C imaging sensor, is a camera Canon will make sooner or later (likely, but we are still a bit skeptical). So why not start a rumor as early as possible. As bad as it can go, sooner or later the rumor will happen to be real. So far it has just been a continuous delaying of the possible announcement date.

Moreover, so far no specifications. Stay tuned for the next rumor. All Canon EOS R7 rumors are listed here.

Source: CR

The White Unicorn Is Back: Canon EOS R With APS-C To Come In 2022?

Canon EOS R With Aps-c

And here we are again. A new rumor about the Canon EOS R model with a crop sensor.

This time the rumor goes with high confidence, according to Canon Rumors, which gave it their highest ranking. I am still very skeptical about this to be real, but who am I to tell? Most about the EOS R with APS-C is still in the realm of the unknown, though:

The long rumoured APS-C RF mount camera from Canon is starting to appear more and more likely. […] have been told by an [sic] solid source that Canon is “definitely” releasing an APS-C RF mount camera in 2022.

[…] don’t know if we’re talking about something like an “EOS R7” or a camera (s) to take the place of the EOS M line.

Call me a disbeliever but I do still have a hard time to buy it. Guess I will be proven wrong. Time will tell.

Rumor: Canon Working On APS-C Camera With 8K Video?

Canon Eos R100 Rf 24mm F/1.8 Rf-s Canon Eos R7 Eos R100 Canon High Resolution Eos R R10 Eos C5 Canon Eos R1 Eos R5c Canon Rf 16mm Rf 35mm F/1.2L EF Lenses Tilt-shift Lenses Rumor

We got a new rumor and it comes from an unknown source. Not sure how reliable it is. Take it with a big grain of salt for the time being.

We got tipped that Canon might be working on a camera with APS-C sensor capable of 8K video. Nothing was told if this camera is a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. Might this refer to the fabled EOS R camera with APS-C sensor? It doesn’t sound likely it might be a model in the EOS xxD lineup. Does this lineup even have a future? Don’t think 8K will come to any entry-level Canon camera, but I might be wrong.

What is your opinion about this rumorrumor?

Canon Patent: RF-S 18-45mm f/4.5-6.3 Lens (for RF mount cam with APS-C?)

Canon Patent

A new Canon patent application for an RF mount lens. The interesting fact here: it seems to be be made for a camera with APS-C sensor. Is the EOS R with crop sensor really coming?

Canon patent application 2021-162822 (Japan, spotted by asobinet.com) discusses optical formulas for a 18-45mm f/4.5-6.3 lens. A kit lens you might add. From the patent literature:

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lightweight zoom lens.

As a zoom lens used in an imaging device such as a still camera, a video camera, and a surveillance camera, Patent Document 1 discloses a negative lead type zoom lens in which the lens group on the most object side has a negative refractive power.

Embodiment 1:

  • Focal length: 18.53-43.65
  • F value: 4.54-6.50
  • Half angle of view: 33.78-17.38
  • Image height: 12.40-13.66
  • Overall length: 92.00-83.05
  • Back focus: 30.20-51.20

Embodiment 2:

  • Focal length: 20.01-43.64
  • F value: 4.60-6.50
  • Half angle of view: 31.79-17.38
  • Image height: 12.40-13.66
  • Overall length: 90.65-80.61
  • Back focus: 32.94-50.55

This definitely appears to be a lens for a APS-C sensors. asobinet.com notes that:

[…] the image height on the wide-angle side is 12.40 mm, which is a little too small, so it may be stretched by image processing. Since the back focus is longer overall, is it a mirrorless lens that uses a retractable structure? It’s similar to the patent application that appeared in 2019, but this time it’s different. The focal length at the wide-angle end is as low as 18.53mm, and you may feel that the angle of view is a little narrow for movie shooting.

The lens might also be for the EOS M system, although it seems less likely. Is an EOS R with an APS-C sensor really on Canon’s radar? We still have a somewhat hard time to believe it but there are signs it might be true. All comments welcome.

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production are these:

New Unreleased Canon Cameras Show Up At Certification Authority


Two yet unreleased Canon cameras showed up at a Russian certification authority. And there is an interesting fact with this registration.

The two unreleased cameras have the code-names DS126841 and DS126842. The interesting fact is, that they are mentioned along with the code-name for the Canon EOS 90D, that’s DS126801, as you can see in the image on top.

What does that mean? Do these two cameras feature an APS-C sensor? Or might they be the fabled EOS R camera with APS-C? In any case, time ago we got a suggestion that the EOS 90D might not get replaced.

Any ideas what these two cameras might be?

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