A Canon surprise coming at NAB 2016 (working 8K camera and 8K displays)


In a short interview by the NAB Show, Tim Smith, Senior Advisor, Film and TV Production at Canon, when asked what we can expect Canon to showcase at NAB 2016, said:

We will be showing not only our existing product line, with a few surprises, but we will also be showing working 8K cameras and 8K displays that look into the future of production.

The 8K camera will most likely be the replacement for the EOS C500, the EOS C500 Mark II we wrote about it in the past. When asked what he thinks will be trending at NAB, Tim Smith said:

I think you will be seeing some low-cost high-quality offerings that open up many possibilities for both big-and small-budget productions.

NAB 2016 is just 3 weeks away. Stay tuned…

[via EOSHD]

Another mention of 8K coming to Canon EOS C500 Mark II [CW4]


Some time ago we were first to report a rumor from a very good source, stating that Canon will feature 8K on the replacement for the Canon Cinema C500.

Today I got another confirmation that the Canon Cinema C500 replacement – likely to be named C500 Mark II – will indeed have 8K on board. Unfortunately that’s all I have, no other specs were passed over to me. The Canon C500 Mark II announcement is expected for NAB 2016 in April 2016.

Talking 8K: I got a suggestion that the replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C will also have 8K on board, though I expect this high-end Canon DSLR to be announced in 2017, while the C500 Mark II will be announced in 2016. As with the C500 Mark II, I think 8K on the EOS-1D C replacement is highly likely, if not totally plausible. Canon can’t miss the 8K train on their flagship products. In other words: it’s hard to imagine the C500 Mark II and EOS-1D C Mark II (if this will be the name) will come without 8K.

What do you think?

8K coming to Canon Cinema products in 2016 (C500 Mark II), and to Canon DSLRs in 2017 [CW4]


This comes from a reliable source, and was told to me through a phone call. The source works for an international television broadcasting station that is already testing 8K video equipment.

I’ve been told (thanks) that Canon will feature 8K video recording on an upcoming Cinema EOS camera. The most likely candidate is the Canon C500 Mark II, expected somewhere in Summer 2016. It’s unlikely that there will be other or new Canon Cinema products set to be announced in 2016. The Canon C500 features 4K, so it is not unlikely that Canon’s next step will be 8K.

The more interesting part of this rumor is that Canon is planning to feature 8K also on their high-end DSLRs in 2017. So, not on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, which we expect to get announced in the next months. For the time being I can not tell what Canon DSLR it will be. The EOS-1D X Mark II is Canon’s new DSLR flagship and for sure there will not be an EOS-1D X Mark III in 2017.

Does this mean there will be a new high-end Canon DSLR in 2017? Sounds a bit odd but it is possible. There is no high-end Canon DSLR I expect to get replaced in 2017. The EOS 5D Mark IV (might have a different name) and EOS-1D X Mark II replacements are expected for 2016.