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Another mention of 8K coming to Canon EOS C500 Mark II [CW4]

Another Mention Of 8K Coming To Canon EOS C500 Mark II [CW4]
The Canon C500 replacement will likely feature 8K

Some time ago we were first to report a rumor from a very good source, stating that Canon will feature 8K on the replacement for the Canon Cinema C500.

Today I got another confirmation that the Canon Cinema C500 replacement – likely to be named C500 Mark II – will indeed have 8K on board. Unfortunately that’s all I have, no other specs were passed over to me. The Canon C500 Mark II announcement is expected for NAB 2016 in April 2016.

Talking 8K: I got a suggestion that the replacement for the Canon EOS-1D C will also have 8K on board, though I expect this high-end Canon DSLR to be announced in 2017, while the C500 Mark II will be announced in 2016. As with the C500 Mark II, I think 8K on the EOS-1D C replacement is highly likely, if not totally plausible. Canon can’t miss the 8K train on their flagship products. In other words: it’s hard to imagine the C500 Mark II and EOS-1D C Mark II (if this will be the name) will come without 8K.

What do you think?

  • jojo

    8K will be the one that popularizes grabbing stills from video

  • Micha Quär

    Even 4k is damn interessting to cute out some nice still pictures. But with 8k (with a good codec) you wont need high fps still shoots anymore ^^

  • Doug Laurent

    Unless there is no firmware update for the C300II, a C500II with 4K 60fps would be enough upgrade for the slow Canon innovation product cycles. Now with the 1DX2 having 4K 60fps, 8K on the C500II would be the only reason i will buy that one as well.

    A new 1DCII for sure will not have 8K, as this product line does not 8K capable sensors.
    The only Canon camera with an 8K sensor is the 5Ds/R, whose video is horrible even at 1080p.
    I doubt someone can manage the heat 8K issues in a DSLR form factor just yet.

    Anyway, 6K video would already do it and be perfect. It’s enough to have space to crop and downsample. 8K might never find the way into homes, but having more internal work resolution than the 4K end delivery format would be welcome as well.

  • chace

    I just want full-frame 120FPS on C100 MK2 and/or C300 MK2….not cropped, thank you.

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    and some noobs were expecting 8k in 1DC II (this year lol)

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