A New Canon EOS R Camera Coming Within 2021, And It’s Not The R1

Eos R Canon Cameras

A new Canon EOS R camera might get announced in the second half of 2021. And it seems it is not the flagship EOS R1.

A new rumor suggests that “an exciting new RF mount camera is coming early in the 2nd half of 2021“. Not the EOS R1 but maybe, just maybe, it might be the high resolution version of the EOS R5. No other information is available at this point. Also, it seems, according to the source of the rumor, that Canon still has supply chain issues.

No new rumor about the EOS R1. At this point we wonder if we will see it within this year or in 2022.

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Stay tuned, stay safe.

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon’s High Resolution EOS R5s Might Have 90MP, And With Pixel Shift More Than 300MP

High Resolution Eos R

Some bits of information about the long rumored high resolution EOS R5s (moniker from the community not official)

Canon Rumors reports some high resolution EOS R5s specifications:

– Approxamently 90mp sensor

– “Pixel-shift like feature” to add resolution. Total resolution “north of 300mp”.

– Nearly identical body design as the Canon EOS R5.

– Video features are “NOT a focus” of the Canon EOS R5s.

– Image stabilization will be a “slightly different version” than the current RF mount cameras.

– Pricing will be “similar” to the Canon EOS R5.

– Announcement scheduled for Q1 of 2021

The interesting piece in the list above is the “pixel-shift like feature” which is able to raise the resolution to more than 300MP. This feature might be similar to what is featured on the Fujifulm GFX 100.

A Low Res Video And A High Res Photo Cam For The Canon EOS R Lineup?

Canon Eos R6 Manual

We got a rumor from a new source about a possible Canon EOS R5C (or R3C) video camera and a Canon EOS R5S (or R3S) camera with a high resolution sensor.

The Canon EOS R5C/R3C and the EOS R5S/R3S are said to share the same camera body form factor. Here is what else got suggested:

  • R5C/R3C has the same sensor technology as the EOS R5 but with half resolution
  • R5C/R3C records 4K/120P with no crop
  • R5C/R3C does 2.8K supersampling in super35 mode
  • Both have a newly developed heat sink
  • R5S/R3S has “double-width resolution sensor of EOS R6
  • R5S/R3S does 12fps
  • Dual Pixel AF performance in low light better than EOS R5 and EOS R6.
  • R5S/R3S “high resolution monster being hybrid for quality and speed

To be honest we have some doubts about this rumor. Besides the moniker uncertainty there is more that makes us wonder. Even if something might have got lost in translation, we wonder what “double-width resolution” exactly means.

Take this with a huge grain of salt. All Canon rumors are listed here.