Magic Lantern’s Dual ISO Hack Coming to Canon EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 6D

The amazing Magic Lantern Dual ISO hack that gets you 14 stops of dynamic range made its first appearance on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Thinks looked not so good as far as it concerned porting the hack on other Canon gear. Now ML developer A1ex made a significant breakthrough to port the hack on theEOS 5D Mark II) and EOS 6D. Yes, we will see the Dual ISO hack on these cameras. For those who want to see the code have a look here. However, as exciting this news are, keep in mind that everything is in an early development stage.

Too learn more about this amazing hack see here and here.

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Magic Lantern Raw vs H264 on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Dave Dugdale of LearningDSLRVideo made the video above that shows where the differences between H264 output and Magic Lantern’s RAW are. A Canon EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) was used. Dave says:

The real noticeable difference is when you really push and stretch the image, for instance here a shot with both somewhat similar settings and they both looks pretty good, but once you start to add saturation or really push the levels all over the place check out the banding above the mountains and look how the clouds are starting to fall apart image wise.

So you can push the image to make it look like the camera has more perceived dynamic range by stretching it, but even with raw you can only push it so far, but you can push more than the h.264. For me the new Black Magic Pocket Camera is very interesting because it appears with will have a nice wide dynamic range and it shoots raw or to a editing friendly codec like ProRes so can perhaps push the image even farther because of it’s actually larger dynamic range.

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Canon EOS 7D & Magic Lantern RAW – Sample Footage

Vimeo user Florian posted the first sample footage shot with an Canon EOS 7D and the Magic Lantern RAW hack. He writes:

As you know, the Canon 7D is now capable of shooting raw video thanks to Magic Lantern.
I’ve downloaded Pelican’s nightly build and install it on my Canon 7D. I did some quick tests in my garden with silent pics burst. For now, I didn’t get any pink frames. I can get 40-41 pictures (a little less than 2 seconds).
DNG are 1736 x 1156 pixels. Stunning quality compared to H.264…
But a little of moire (as usual with the 7D).
Congratulations to Magic Lantern !!! It’s totally amazing what they can do.

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