Canon full-frame mirrorless camera coming in 2016, early prototype existing in Canon labs? [CW2]


A few weeks ago we had an interesting rumor, suggesting Canon may go serious about their EOS M system in 2016. There was no mention of full-frame mirrorless cameras.

I have been told (thanks) that Canon may indeed announce a full-frame mirrorless camera in 2016. I rate the rumor CW2 since I had so many misleading rumors about Canon’s mirrorless plans in the past. The source insisted to say that some sort of early prototype already exists, though it never came out of Canon’s labs. That’s to say that there are no test units out in the wild but just (if true) a prototype in a very early stage of development, still undergoing lab tests and development. It sounds at least plausible.

While I am sure Canon has the skills and the know-how to produce a full-frame mirrorless camera, I am pretty cautious with such rumors. A full-frame mirrorless camera is rumored since at least two years. The source promised to deliver some specs in the near future. We will see.

For the time being I guess most Canon shooters would be more than happy if Canon eventually decides to put all their tech skills and knowledge in a truly serious EOS M camera. The EOS M3 is an important step forward (for Canon), but it is not enough. What Canon needs to do is making a mirrorless camera that appeals also to people not having scores on Canon glass on their shelves.

Stay tuned on CW!

Cosyspeed announce CAMSLINGER Streetomatic bag for mirrorless cameras

Cosyspeed let me know about their Indiegogo Mirrorless Camera Bag project. Since I am very happy with their excellent Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 bag, I would like to let you know about the new project.

[…] we have just launched an Indiegogo campaign for our new CAMSLINGER Streetomatic. It’s a bag designed for mirrorless cameras and a pretty unique concept. Maybe this would be interesting for your readers:
There are already some reviews (made with prototypes) out, at MirrorLessons and Thomas Leuthard Photography.
One of the bags is a Thomas Leuthard Edition, from which 10€ go into a street kids project.


More product description after the break.

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Canon patent for 15-53mm f/2.8-4 lens (new kit lens?)

canon patent

Canon patent for a 15-53mm f/2.8-4 lens. Unusual focal range you may wonder. Could this be a patent for a new kit lens? Possibly. It would mean that Canon’s future kit lenses will start at f/2.8. Cool.

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-152765
    • Published 2015.8.24
    • Filing date 2014.2.14
  • Example 1
    • Focal length 15.40 20.46 51.00mm
    • Fno 2.80 3.00 4.30
    • Half angle of view ω 41.57 33.73 14.99 °
    • Image height 13.66mm
    • Overall length of the lens 119.65 123.99 149.53mm
    • BF 35.93 38.66 50.56mm
[via Egami]