Canon EOS 7D Shutter Mechanism in Extreme Slow Motion (10.000 fps)

This video by Gavin Free of The Slow Mo Guys shows the working of the EOS 7D‘s shutter mechanism, filmed with extreme high frame rates up to 10.000 fps using a Phantom Flex.

It’s also a very good explanation of the rolling shutter technique with examples at different speeds. You can see how the shutter works 400x slower. Pretty impressing.

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Deal: Canon EOS-1D X – $4,600

 1dx Top Rated Plus seller allnewshop (99.6% positive ratings) on eBay has the Canon EOS-1D X on sale for $4,599.99. Free shipping in US and limited quantity. More very good deals on Canon gear on eBay (click here).Please note: this may be a grey import item not eligible for Canon USA warranty. If you want to be sure contact the seller and ask if there is an US warranty.

Canon Updates Photo Managing Service Irista, and Introduces New Pricing Scheme


The updated irista service is now live, sign up by visiting:

Canon press release:

Every image, everywhere: Canon’s latest irista updates go live

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 29 January 2015 – Canon today goes live with exciting new updates to its cloud-based image management service, irista, making it more user-friendly than ever before. The features going live are part of the next development phase of the platform and include an optimised user experience for tablets, as well as the ability to order high quality photo books directly from irista. Alongside the feature updates, Canon also today unveils new pricing for the irista subscription tiers, giving photography enthusiasts increased storage.

Feature upgrades – providing an optimised, user-friendly experience

The features going live today are:

  • Adobe® Lightroom® integration: Edit images directly in Lightroom, which stores and synchronises the edited versions on your irista account, maintaining a single place to store all your photos. Lightroom users will also find their photos with XMP data in irista, ensuring images can easily be filtered.
  • Multi-device ready: Compatible with the most popular iOS and Android tablets, the user experience has now been enhanced to make all of irista’s functionality easily accessible on tablet devices.
  • Photo books at the touch of a button: Create and order stunning HD photo books directly from irista. Simply filter your favourite images and create a book within irista, all via your web browser. You’ll receive a beautiful, premium quality photo book, allowing you to enjoy your photos time and time again.

New pricing – increased storage for photography enthusiasts

The irista updates are accompanied by a pricing refresh for the subscription tiers, which increases the storage options at all levels. The updated free tier now offers 15GB of cloud storage space – with full irista functionality. Advanced enthusiasts or professional users with larger image libraries can now get 200GB and 500GB tiers available for a monthly or annual cost.

Updated irista subscription tiers are as follows:

  • Up to 15GB: No cost, full functionality
  • Up to 200GB: £4.49/€4.99 per month, or £45.00/€49.00 per year
  • Up to 500GB: £9.99/€10.99 per month, or £99.00/€109.00 per year

Additional storage can also be purchased at £35.00/€39.00 per year for 100GB, £65.00/€69.00 per year for 500GB and £99.00/€109.00 per year for 1TB.

The updated irista service is now live, sign up by visiting:

(CW3) Canon’s Next Large Sensor Powershot Set to be Announced Next Week

Large Sensor Powershot

As you probably know Canon is rumored to make a big announcement following Friday February 6. So, it comes to no wonder that we are getting a lot of rumors these days.

I have been told (thanks) that among the Powershot cameras Canon is supposed to announce before CP+ (i.e. next week), there is also the new large sensor Powershot camera that Canon themselves leaked in a few occasions.

The same source also said this camera will feature a Sony sensor, like the Powershot G7 X. No specs so far (anyone?). Since this Powershot is touted as having a big zoom range, I wonder what the figures are. All we know so far is what Canon Hong Kong wrote on their homepage some time ago:

New PowerShot Digital Compact Camera Under Development 
Featuring large image sensor, high zoom capability and compact body

Canon is developing a new premium digital compact camera that combines the merits of both large image sensor and high-magnification optical zoom lens in response to the demands from users looking for high quality high zoom performance. Offering both convenience from a compact body and excellent super telephoto performance, this camera is perfect for everyday or travel shooting in high quality.

Stay tuned…

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Canon Publishes Financial Results 2014

Canon published their financial results for 2014. These are the available documents (go for the presentation):

Some excerpts:

Looking back at the global economy in 2014, although the United States and other developed countries were initially expected to bring about a return to a path of full-fledged growth, such expectations came up short due to the ongoing occurrence of such unforeseen circumstances as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In the U.S., despite the negative impact of the major cold wave that struck at the beginning of the year, the economy showed steady signs of recovery, buoyed by the improvement in employment conditions and healthy growth in consumer spending. In Europe, the economy remained sluggish due to such factors as the negative impact of Russia’s deteriorating economy on neighboring euro area countries. The pace of economic expansion in China was modest while other emerging countries in Southeast Asia and South America faced slowdowns in market growth due to economic stagnation. As for Japan, with the economy yet to recover from the decline following the rush in demand leading up to the hike in the country’s consumption tax, growth fell short of the rate recorded in the previous year […]

Within the Imaging System Business Unit, although sales volume of interchangeable-lens digital cameras declined owing to the shrinking market—in Japan as a result of the reaction following the rush in demand prior to the consumption tax increase, and in Europe and other markets due to worsening economic conditions—the advanced-amateur-model EOS 7D Mark II achieved healthy growth, enabling Canon to maintain the market’s top share. As for digital compact cameras, despite a decline in total sales volume, sales of high-added-value models featuring high image quality and high-magnification zoom capabilities, such as the PowerShot G7 X and PowerShot SX60 HS/SX700 HS, recorded solid growth, contributing to an improvement in profitability.

[via Canon]

Canon Release New Firmware for EOS-1D X (ver. 2.0.7)


Canon released a new firmware for the EOS-1D X. You can download the firmware update here.

Firmware Version 2.0.7 incorporates the following functional improvements and fixes:

  1. Improves the AF controllability when shooting in Live View mode with a wide-angle lens (fixed focal length or zoom).
  2. Fixes a phenomenon in which, when shooting long exposures (several minutes), vertical lines appear on the right edge of captured images (still photos).
  3. Fixes a phenomenon in which the Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) may not perform as intended when in continuous shooting mode and where the shutter speed is longer than 1 second.
  4. Improves the reliability of the control mechanism for the Picture Style Auto setting.
  5. Fixes a phenomenon in which the electronic level indicator does not work correctly.
  6. Fixes a phenomenon in which, when using the “Save and read camera settings” function, the color space data that is selected in “Custom shooting mode (C1-C3)” is not saved.*1
  7. Corrects some incorrect indications on the “English” and “Russian” menu screens.

*1 As a result of this fix, cameras with Firmware Version 2.0.7 will not be able to read the “camera settings file” created with cameras running Firmware Version 2.0.3 (or earlier). If you require the “camera settings file”, please create it after updating to firmware version 2.0.7.

Firmware Version 2.0.7 is for cameras with Firmware Version 2.0.3 or earlier. If your camera’s firmware is already Version 2.0.7, it is not necessary to update the firmware.
The firmware update takes approximately seven minutes.

Once the EOS-1D X camera is updated to Version 2.0.7, it cannot be restored to a previous firmware version (Versions 1.0.2 through 2.0.3).

Once the EOS-1D X camera is updated to firmware Version 2.0.7 from previous firmware version (Versions 1.0.2 through 1.2.4 and 2.0.3), it is recommended that the latest application software*1 be used. Certain previous versions of this application software do not support functions which are added by the new firmware.
You can download the latest application software from our Web site.
*1: EOS Utility version 2.14.10a or later (Supported OSes: Windows 8/ 7 / 7 SP1 / VistaSP2 / XP SP3, Mac OS X v10.9 / 10.8 / 10.7 / 10.6)
*1: Digital Photo Professional version 3.14.46 or later (Supported OSes: Windows 8 / 7 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3, Mac OS X v10.6 / 10.7/ 10.8/ 10.9)

The instruction manual has been revised to accommodate the improvements and fixes provided as of firmware Version 2.0.3 or later.

Download Firmware Version 2.0.7 for the EOS-1D X.

Download the latest instruction manual from our Website.

Download the latest application software from our Website

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