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A Few More Bits About The Rumored Canon EOS R1

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Shortly after we got the Canon EOS R1 rumor there was more stuff that surfaced from the interweb of rumor mills.

We were told that the Canon EOS R1 might get released in Q3 2022, and that it will “let all competitors behind” (whatever that means). Over there at Canon Rumors they got a few more bits immediately after we posted our rumor. Here are the new bits:

  • Global shutter? Despite being on the wishlist of many, it seems once more it was a hoax. No global shutter on the EOS R1.
  • Where is the EOS R1 positioned? According to a source, the R1 is “A jack of all trades, and a master of none. Except that it will be a master of everything.” (whatever that means(
  • Is the EOS R1 ready? Not yet, apparently. It seems some of the EOS R3 feedback will go into the EOS R1
  • How many megapixel will it have? More than the EOS R3 but no one knows yet how many. Might well be above the 45MP of the EOS R5.
  • Video? Most likely it will have 8K video on board
  • What about the price? Moe than the EOS R3 but less than $10,000.

As you can see, no real beef on the fire here. Sound more like educated speculation than specification to us. Time will tell.

Stay tuned…

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