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Canon EOS 7D Mark III announcement before Summer 2018, shipment from July/August [CW4]

Canon EOS 7D Mark III Announcement Before Summer 2018, Shipment From July/August [CW4]
2018 will be the year of the Canon EOS 7D Mark III (in picture: EOS 7D Mark II)

Eventually, a rumor from a source we know and trust.

The Canon EOS 7D Mark III will most likely be announced before Summer 2018. Shipment should be ready for July or August 2018 at most. An announcement before Summer 2018 makes sense: in April 2018 there is NAB, which would be a pretty good stage for Canon to display their new APS-C flagship. I rate the suggested announcement date CW4.

We still know very little about the Canon EOS 7D Mark III. While some specs flocked in here at Canon Watch, it’s still too early to consider them reliable.

Specification-wise we have this list, based on what we have been told so far, with some new bits (please note: I rate the specifications CW2)

  • New sensor technology and resolution around 28MP (we reported first)
  • 4K video (though no details, we reported first)
  • C-Log
  • More dynamic range than 7D2
  • Better ISO performance than 7D2
  • Tilt-able display with touch interface
  • New generation of Dual Pixel AF
  • More video oriented than 7D2
  • Higher feature set compared to 7D2
  • Same introductory price as 7D2

Some considerations: we can expect some of the specs above simply because we are talking about a new Canon camera. I mean, “more dynamic range”, “better ISO performance”, “tilt-able display” etc are just what to expect from the EOS 7D Mark III. Also “new sensor technology” isn’t really something that gets us exited: we heard this almost for every new Canon DSLR. That said, it must also be said that if there is one Canon DSLR for which it could be true that Canon is introducing a new sensor tech, it’s the company’s flagship, the upcoming EOS 7D Mark III. The EOS 7D Mark II played an important role in Canon’s marketing and product strategy. So will do the EOS 7D Mark III.

However, take all this with a grain of salt. While I am pretty confident about the announcement date, I consider the specifications to be not very reliable at this point. It’s too early for reliable specifications but some of the feature listed above are at least plausible. As usual, feel free to sound off in the comment section.

All Canon EOS 7D Mark III rumors. Stay tuned!

  • Michael

    I would expect the specifications to be crude but essentially accurate. If Canon follows the current pattern the Canon 7D Mark 3 should exceptional camera that would reflect not only on APS-C but also full frame 5D camera going forward. Both the 7D & 7D Mark 2 had excellent ergonomics, user interface & intuitive. Perhaps it will also be & I would expect it to have new card tech , uhs 2 at the very least.

    • CW Steve

      Well, when it comes to ergonomics Canon is top. On ever, camera they make.

  • 4K with C log when the flagship 5D4 make this as payable option… very unlikely.

    • CW Steve

      Agree. Unlikely

  • SteB1

    So far the consistent pattern of the 7D range has been that on release they have been the most advanced high speed, fast focusing APS-C semi-pro camera on the market i.e. a statement camera. One that has made Nikon users envious as the 2 previous 7D models have done. This time there’s competition from the D500. I think Canon would like to release a 7D mkIII that was clearly ahead of the D500 in at least some aspects. This would make it quite some camera. I expect them to try to get a faster frame rate than 10 fps. A “new” sensor is certain. The issue being whether it’s a tweaked version of the 24mp sensor or a new sensor.

    The interesting question will be whether it gets a brand new AF system like the other 2 7D models or a tweaked version of the 7D mkII AF? The reason I ask this question is because if it increases the AF points of the 7D mkII and the general specification of the AF it would in some ways be ahead of the 1DX mkII and 5D mkIV. Would Canon do that? It will be interesting how Canon address the buffer. To catch up and overtake the D500 it would need at least 1 CFast card slot and a much bigger buffer. The question again is would Canon do this as it would put it ahead of the 5D mkIV? In other words to clearly outperform the D500 would mean a camera that would potentially outperform higher tier models in the Canon DSLR range.

    I think that it should get 4K, but I’m sceptical about the claim of being more video orientated. This is not how Canon is now doing things as it has video specific EOS cameras. Yet having said that it would pay for Canon to create a hybrid camera to compete with the hybrid cameras from Sony, Panasonic etc. At some point I expect Canon to create a hybrid viewfinder i.e. EVF and optical. I think there were patents for this. But whether this is the model who knows.

    • S Bernard (Stan)

      Yes, I believe the 7D & 7DII line of cameras are statement cameras for Canon. And I believe Canon wants to be noticeably ahead of the Nikon D500.

      As far as upgrades, the most significant features to upgrade would be the AF system, a bigger buffer, and maybe a new sensor. It would be more significant than a faster frame rate (greater than 10 fps) or 4K video. An improved AF system and a new sensor (requiring a bigger buffer) would make an already great camera considerably better. I’m not too worried about the 5D MKIV, because it is a different camera for a different class buyer.

      • SteB1

        I don’t think the frame rate being another 1 or 2 frames per faster is that important, but rather I think it is a statement Canon will want to make. Canon will definitely want to go noticeably ahead of the D500, because if they don’t it would be a first for the 7D series to be not clearly ahead of Nikon’s best crop camera. If anyone can do it Canon can. It all depends on what they have with advances in hardware at this point in time. I’ve got an 80D, and I keep nearly getting a 7D mkII, but I’ve been spoiled by the sensor in the 80D which is a big step up as regards dynamic range from my 70D. So I decided some time back to wait for the 7D mkIII.

        One thing I missed out is that what I’d really like to see on the 7D mkIII is the lack of an AA filter. A friend has a 500D and the photos look noticeably sharper out of camera with his 200-500mm, which is definitely not as optically good as my 100-400mm mk2. In other words I have to apply more sharpening to achieve what you get out of camera with the D500. The D500 sensor is also noticeably better than the 80D sensor at high ISOs and with dynamic range, even though the 80D sensor itself is much better. So it would be great if Canon could have their best ever APS-C sensor in the 7D mkIII. I’d settle for a tweaked version of the 80D sensor, but I’d really like a bit more.

        • S Bernard (Stan)

          Canon certainly has the capability of adding any number of features to the 7DMkIII. I’m also waiting to see the configuration of the 7DMkIII, to see if Canon can capture the lead. It would be awesome if they would increase the frame rate, move ahead of the D500, and make significant improvements to the sensor.

          What I would like to see with the 7DMkIII, is Canon stepping out boldly and taking the leadership reigns of the APS-C sector. That would be what I would call a true and meaningful statement. Not just the small incremental changes I saw made with the 7DMkII.

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