10 Things about Photography you don’t have to like (Humor)

Found this little & funny post at cnet.au. Check it for yourself and let me know what you think.

  1. The Canon vs. Nikon debate
  2. There’s so much proprietary technology
  3. A camera isn’t the same as your eye
  4. It can be ridiculously expensive
  5. Photoshop can’t fix everything
  6. The perils of storage
  7. Not being quick enough to capture that photo
  8. Connectivity shouldn’t be an optional extra
  9. Digital is better than film, or vice versa
  10. Sometimes, I forget to take the lens cap off

I think nr. 2 is the most annoying, followed by 4 and 8.



EOS 5D Mark III Twitter Traffic of the last three Months

Just for fun. The graph above shows the frequency per day of Twitter hash-tags concerning the EOS 5D Mark III during the last three months. You can see a big peak around end of February, a few days before the 5D mark III was announced. The second traffic peak happened around March 27, when the first shops started to have the 5D Mark III in stock. The graph is flat until February 28th because I started recording the traffic on this day. :-)

Canon published wireless file transmitter guides

The Canon Digital Learning Center published the setup guides for its WFTs (wireless file transmitter, the PDF-guides are at the end of the article). All aspect of a WFT setup are covered, Mac and Windows guides available. There are 12 guides ready for download. Using a WFT enables your camera to connect to a computer network, hence you can remotely control the camera using a PC/Mac, or a tablet. The camera is controlled either through a web-interface or Canon’s EOS utility. Moreover, the WFT can act as a FTP server, transferring files (i.e. images) over the network. There is more to play around, as the linked shooting mode, where more cameras are setup up in a master-slave setting. If one camera is triggered to fire, the others will follow.

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If you think Canon’s light leak is a big deal…

…you should have a look at this post at engadget:

Okay Nikon owners, stop laughing at your 5D Mark III cronies for their leaky problem. That might be a drip in the pail next to your own worries — namely, possible “lock-up”, focus and viewfinder hitches on your D800 or D4. Nikon verified that a “small number” of units of both DSLRs can lock up and become unresponsive, but until there’s a permanent patch you can prevent this by disabling both highlight and RGB histogram displays. The company also verified that a “run” of D800s is suffering from a viewfinder bug, although it has yet to confirm another emerging problem with autofocus in some units, which apparently requires a factory fix. So, if you’ve noticed any of this with your pricey new D800, or really pricey D4, your best bet might be to reach out to your Nikon repair center post-haste. And don’t let the Canon guys see you.


[via engadget]


EOS 5D Mark III without light-leaking issues available at B&H (+ double instant rebates)

According to hdcamteam, this week B&H will receive a new batch of 5D Mark IIIs that do not have the light-leaking issue. So, if you were waiting for the light-leak issue to get solved, this may be the right moment to place your order (click here). Be aware that there is no official statement about batches or shipments of “new” 5D mark IIIs. However, it seems that Canon reacted to the problem and found a solution.

This is also a good occasion to check Canon’s double instant rebates on lenses (and/or speedlites), when purchased together with a EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 60D or EOS 7D (ending 06/02). On EOS 60D bodies there is an instant saving of $100, and on 7D bodies it is $150. Savings on lenses can go up to $250, depending on the kit combination (body + lenses/speedlites) you choose. More lenses and/or speedlites can be added, increasing the overall saving.  Click here to check the double instant savings on selected Canon kits. It looks a little bit complicated at first glance, but simply choose a body and a lens, and then explore all the possible combinations that are offered.

[via hdcamteam]