[Rumor] Another, New EOS 6D Image: It’s Just The Logo Plate But Looks Authentic (Update: It’s Not!)

Update: the image is a fake: the EOS 6D does not have build-in flash.

Got another EOS 6D pic in my inbox (thanks to the reader who sent it!). This time it is just the logo plate. Looks different from the other pics that showed up (here and here [Update: these images are real], for the specs click here). It doesn’t look photoshopped to me. One thing can be taken almost for granted so far: there is an EOS 6D out there.

The announcement of the EOS 6D entry level full-frame DSLR is expected for tomorrow, September 17th. Here at CanonWatch we will cover the event, so stay tuned.

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[Rumor] One More EOS 6D Image Leaked (Update: Fake)

Update: It’s a fake.

Thanks to the reader who sent me the picture!

I got another image of the EOS 6D in my inbox. Still not sure it is real, though the “6D” logo looks less photoshopped than in previous images (but look at the “E” in “EOS”). For the (supposed) specs of the EOS 6D click here.

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Canon 6D specs leaked! As cheap as the new D600?

This is the translation from the Canon 6D specs posted by Digicaminfo:

– 20 MP FF sensor
– DIGIC5+ image processing engine
– Body as big as an APS-C body
– Covered by a Magnesium alloy
– Built-in W-Fi
– Built-in GPS
– 11 points AF ,central cross sensor F2.8
– 4.5 frames per second
– 30sec up to 1/4000 shutter speed, second sync at 1/180 shutter, speed shutter durability of 100,000
– Dustproof
– 3-inch 1.04 million dot LCD screen
– Full HD (1920×1080)
– ISO100-25600 (50,51200,102400 extension)
– Creative Auto
– SD / SDHC / SDXC media (corresponding UHS-I)
– 755g weight (battery and card included)
– Released in December 2012
– Price around 195 000 yen (at current conversion rate this is 1900 Euro or $2500) But keep in mind that prices in Japan are usually higher than in US. Price should match the Nikon D600 ($2100). With EF24-105mm F4L IS kit around ¥ 295 000 ($3800 or 2900 Euro)

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[Photokina] New Canon Powershot Around The Corner, It’s G15 (with f/1.8 lens)

You may wonder where the G13 and G14 got lost, but here it is: Canon’s new PowerShot G15. No hints so far about specs and price, except that it has an f/1.8 lens. Flash is pop-up. In any case it proofs that Canon is still keeping the PowerShot line alive, even after the PowerShot G1 X, Canon’s first attempt to make a mirrorless camera (though without interchangeable lenses).

[via canonpricewatch]

Talking About Entry-Level Full Frame DSLRs Price Tags (hint: Nikon’s D600 not as cheap as expected, $2800?)

While we are waiting to know more about Canon’s entry-level full frame DSLR (EOS 6D) it is good to learn that Nikon’s entry-level FF DSLR, the D600, will not be as cheap as expected. The image above was sent to me. It shows prices for the D600 and some lenses. I suppose the first entry refers to a D600 body only option. You can see that the D600’s price is 218,000 Yen, which roughly corresponds to €2170/$2800! So, by no mean the low price ($1500) that was so much touted over the Internet. However, I am simply converting currencies here. The reported price is for Japan. Nikon could easily decide to give another price tag to the D600, especially if you consider that the Nikon D800 costs around $3000.

If this will be the D600’s price, then this may be a bad news. Such a price tag will not force Canon to align the price of the EOS 6D. In other words, if Nikon’s D600 would cost $1500, then Canon would be under pressure to sell its own entry-level FF DSLR at a similar, competitive price.

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