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CIPA report: Overall Digital Camera market down by 27% compared to last year

CIPA Report: Overall Digital Camera Market Down By 27% Compared To Last Year

CIPA posted their statistics for February 2018, and it’s a worrying picture they give of the camera industry.

According to CIPA, the overall digital stills camera shipments worldwide were down 26.6% compared to the same period of 2017. The figures are due to the compact camera market, which is shrinking year after year and now see as a 44.7% drop.

Shipments of DSLRs and MILCs together went down by over 5% (compared to February 2017). DSLR sales alone saw a modest 0.1% raise in shipment while MILC shipments dropped by 15.8%.

It seems people still love their DSLRs, despite all the mirrorless galore.

cipa[via CIPA]

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