Northern Lights pictured using a 5D Mark II

This is a beautiful time-lapse video showing northern lights (Aurora Borealis) made using a EOS 5D Mark II. There is a lot of discussion going on about gear, about new gear, and there is no one among us who never thought that better gear would make her or him a better photographer. We all know this is not true, but I bet we all have had this idea. Hence, it is always good to see what awesome stuff you can produce with a camera that is not the newest gear. The following setting and lenses were used:

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Canon Rumors Round-Up (T4i/650D, new AF, entry level FF, 7D Mark II)

canonrumors once more is saying that the Rebel T4i/EOS 650D will be announced by Canon very soon. Nothing new on the specs front, but a new auto-focus system is named. Could this be in relation with the Canon AF patent I reported about?? I was the only one to report about this patent. Now rumors say that the T4i/650D will sport a new AF system for video. However, based on what I understood from the patent, it would make perfectly sense for video recording. The T4i/650D is also said to have a touchscreen. I am very curious. Read more after the break.

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To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade, part 1: 5D Mark III vs 5D Mark II


It’s a month and a half that the EOS 5D Mark III has been announced, and a lot of people is questioning if they should upgrade from their actual cameras. In this post I try to compare the Mark III with its predecessor, the EOS 5D Mark II, and to outline the main differences between the two cameras. In the second part (in a few days, hopefully) I will compare the 5d Mark III with the EOS 7D.

The EOS 5D Mark III is a completely redesigned camera (also in its internal assembling), with a new AF-system (the most advanced available on a DLSR), a sensor that has one megabyte more resolution than the Mark II and a new CPU. Let’s first see the core specifications:

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EOS 5D Mark III best DSLR for shooting video (says Gizmodo)

I totally agree with gizmodo, and I add: the EOS 5D Mark III is kicking the Nikon’s D800 in the back. :-)

It may be that Nikon’s D800 is selling better than Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III (as lots of blogs report), but no camera is getting that much attention by film-makers as the 5D Mark III. And that’s not wondering: Canon’s new FF flagship is an outstanding cam, not only for stills, but also for video. It was the former model, the EOS 5D Mark II, that started to be a valid alternative for indie film-makers. Cheap(er) alternative to the much more expensive gear you had to chose from (read Sony, Panavision, RED). While being thought (and touted) as a camera for still photography, the 5D Mark II rapidly became a film-makers darling. Not only for indie movie-makers: the 5D Mark II was used to shot shows like House and Saturday Night Special, and to shot the action scenes in Captain America. This happened not just because of the surprising video-capabilities of the 5D Mark II, but also because you had access to Canon’s rich and extensive offer of lens for the EOS system. Now we have the 5D Mark III, and the story gets into a new chapter. Read on after the break.

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The offerings are a real money-saver, but they all expire in a few days (March 31) and will not be extended.

More information about the cameras cited in this post:

EOS 7D sample pics & information: click here
EOS 5D Mark II sample pics & information: click here
EOS 5D Mark III sample pics & information: click here

Have nice day or night….


Canon 85mm f1.8 vs Nikon 85mm f1.8: A lens-battle

Image credits: Chris Gampat

This is from a post by our friend Chris Gampat over at thephoblographer.

He used a Nikon D700 with the new Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8G and a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with the EF 85mm f/1.8 USM. It’s not a comparison between cameras but among lenses. As Chris writes:

[…] I decided to put the two lenses in a non-scientific and totally practical test using all available light at around 7pm in NYC and only shooting at f4 and wider for a portrait.

Regarding ergonomics, Chris says that

Both lenses focus extremely fast, though in real life practice I felt that Canon’s 85mm f1.8 is still the current champ. Indeed, it has often been touted as the company’s fastest focusing lens. A known problem with it though is the color fringing wide open; but this is also a problem that plague’s Nikon’s optics […]

Note that Canon’s EF 85mm f/1.8 dates back to the times when we were using film-cameras, and that Nikon’s 85mm f/1.8 is a rather new lens.

The test-shots where made during the golden hour, using ISO 800 on both cameras:

I set both cameras to aperture priority and focused on the same spot of Dennis’s eye. Though their meter readings were very slightly off in aperture priority, it should be noted that in general, Canon and Nikon do have slightly different metering algorithms and this is just part of how they work.

He shot using the aperture range from f/1.8 to f/4. I post some of the test pics shot by Chris. Please visit his site and read the post to get the whole picture (and to see the test images at higher resolution).

First two shots at f/1.8, Nikon’s 85mm on the left and Canon’s 85mm on the right side (image credits: C. Gampat)



Next two shots, at f/4, Nikon on the left, Canon on the right side



All pics were shot in aperture priority mode. You can see that the images shot with the 5D Mark II are little bit darker (it is known that Canon cameras tend to underexposure). Also, to me the bokeh obtained from the Nikon lens looks better (but I probably shouldn’t say that :-) )

The discussion is going on. Join it in the comment section of Chris’ post (where you will find more information by Chris itself).

EOS 5D Mark II price check: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Canon Canada, Canon USA EF 85mm f/1.8 USM price check B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Canon Canada, Canon USA

For more 5D Mark II sample pics and information click here. You may also want to have a look at our eBay live-ticker below for possible 5D Mark II deals.