March Mirrorless Sales Drop 50% Compared To Last Year Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

Well, this if this isn’t an indicator that tells a long story, and again it’s told by the Coronavirus pandemic.

BCN Retail reports that not only, compared to 2019, mirrorless sales in Japan dropped since the beginning of 2020 but also that March 2020 figures show 49.5% less sales compared to March 2019. That’s a lot.

Brand-wise, we see Sony’s sales figures drop by 44.5%, Olympus’ by 54.9% and Canon’s by 32.3. Canon’s figures are most likely due to the enormous success the EOS M50 has in Japan (where it’s named Kiss M). On the other hand., Fujifilm‘s sales figures grow by 115.6%.

Almost 50% less sales means something. And it most likely means this industry wide down-spiral is set to last for a while. This is not the place to digress into the economical consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic. They will be serious, and not just for the imaging industry. For the time being it’s difficult to foresee what customers will do in the near future but I guess it’s safe to say that mirrorless cameras, or any other tech gadget, will probably not be a priority for a while for a lot of people. We feel close to these people and our hearts are with them.

Stay safe.

BCN Awards Confirm Canon Is Market Leader In Japan

Bcn Awards

Latest BCN sales data for 2019 in Japan show that Canon is still the market leader in Japan.

Here are some sales figures.

Mirrorless cameras market share:

  • Canon 30.9%
  • Sony 25.9%
  • Olympus 23.4%

Lenses market share:

  • Canon 19.9%
  • Sony 16.9%
  • Nikon 14.4%

Compact cameras market share:

  • Canon 39.3%
  • Nikon 22.9%
  • Sony 15.2%

I think there is not much to say here, but you might sound off in the comment section :-)

[via Digicame Info]

Canon Still Dominates Camera Sales In Japan, EOS M50 Stable On Top

Canon Eos M50 Mark Ii

BCN rankings for December 2018 show how popular Canon cameras are in Japan, and how well the EOS M50 (Kiss M in Japan) is doing.

The EOS M50 is Canon’s most popular mirrorless camera so far. It’s likely that the EOS R will sooner or later be the most popular Canon MILC but for now the little M50 is selling like hot cakes.

The EOS M line-up is Canon’s mirrorless offering with an APS-C sensor. And it is here to stay. Some weird rumors surfaced suggesting Canon will make an EOS R model with an APS-C sensor. This is unrealistic, and even Canon execs said it will not happen.

eos 50

Canon is consultant for Japanese Anime production to feature realistic cameras

Japanese Anime

Canon was recruited for the Japanese Anime production “Just Because!” to make sure cameras depicted in the animation are realistic.

“Just Because!” will start October 5, 2017. One of the main characters is a schoolgirl with a passion for photography.

Japanese anime

The character’s main camera is a PowerShot G5 X. But she is using also other Canon gear, like the EOS 7D Mark II, the EOS M6, and the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens.¬†Canon’s contribution was to make the cameras and lens look absolutely realistic.

The trailer below briefly shows the EOS 7D Mark II.

[via DC Watch via PetaPixel]