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More Canon EOS 6D Mark II specification suggestions emerge


canon rumorsEos 6d mark ii

At less than a 3 weeks from the supposed Canon EOS 6D Mark II announcement we still know very little about Canon’s next entry-level fullframe DSLR. Very weird. Some new specification suggestions emerged, and we are here to report.

Over the last 2 years we got a lot of suggestions, which you can see in the list below. Most of the EOS 6D Mark II specifications floating around on the web leaked first here on Canon Watch. The list below is the same, original list all other sites are reposting. I added the new specification suggestions in italics.

  • All new sensor, rumored to have 26MP (we were told 28MP and reported first here and here and here)
  • Tilting LCD (we reported first here)
  • Touchscreen (we reported first here)
  • DIGIC 7
  • Aiming for a sub $2000 USD body only price (we told you first here)
  • Dual Pixel AF (we reported first here)
  • No 4K, 1080/60 instead (we reported first)
  • Wifi, NFC & other connectivity (we reported first in 2015)
  • Larger viewfinder (possibly 100%)
  • New AF system (we reported first here)
  • New battery grip BG-E21
  • HDR movie
  • Time lapse mode

Knowing the EOS 6D Mark II will make HDR movies and have a time lapse mode are not really earthshaking leaks, but still better than nothing.

Latest rumor about the announcement points to June 29, 2017. Stay tuned!

  • No 4K in 2017 on a $2,000 DSLR is a huge mistake for sure.

    • Chris

      Just a reason to go 5d4 :(

      • Micha Quär

        … A 5Div is not a real option as a 4k video camera, huge cropfactor, no downsampling and huge files… Canon sucks in Video with their DSLRs :-(

        • Chris

          It’s meant to be a handy body in the field. Indeed if you take that out it’s not the best alone. But how many gear you are carrying on site?

      • Well, I have switched my C300 for a FS7 as Canon failed to go for something usable with their mark 2.
        I have tried the A7S but really didn’t liked it.. Maybe a A9 will make more sens to replace my 5D3.
        I’m doing corporate pictures and work also as free lancer camerman and I love how solid is the 5D3 in the industry I’m working on; always dirty factories or under the rain, but I also need sometime the 4K video capabilities as backup and the 5D4 gives meso huge files that it’s become impossible to work this way.

        • Chris

          Product differentiation is always troubling. I never found picking a body this annoying before. But for what I do, 5d4 is the most balanced system to go into. Otherwise it’s multiple bodies traveling together.

          • Rick

            canon needs to get it’s act together on it’s DIGIC’s to support 4K natively.

            they don’t. that’s causing all this angst with people. if you look at the 5DIV and the 1DX II even, the 4K and 1080 are two different “streams” one goes through the HDMI port, LCD, encoders,etc .. the other is simply scraped off the sensor 30 times a second and written to the output card.

          • Chris

            You know the story of declining market. They just want customers to pay more…

          • Rick

            maybe. however MJPEG is easily implemented in firmware h.264 not so much.

            IMO, they just can’t do it right now.

          • Chris

            I cannot say I like everything canon does right now. But I want one body that can handle my regular shooting, macro for slide copying, and get started in handling video log. 5d4 is the only proper choice I have without getting a Sony.

            Thanks for the valuable experience shared in this topic. I still have a lot to learn.

        • Rick

          if you had either a C300 or a FS7.. transcoding shouldn’t be that hard for you.

          • I’m no sure to understand.
            I have switched to FS7 to get 4K out of my camera and looking for a backup body, not too big to do few production picture with 4K capabilities. It’s either to get a second angle for an interview (about 30 mn long each time) or if my main camera fails me.
            With the 5DM4, it’s impossible to do so, file are easy to trans-code but if I have 3 interviews, I will end with so much data that card investment is not right.
            C300mk1 don’t do 4K, and C300 mk2 don’t do HFR or even 60p in 4K

    • whensly

      Guessing they are leaking out no 4K rumor hoping to sell a few more 5DK IV’s but will reveal it has 4K when it’s announced.

      • The 4K is so poorly implemented on the 5D4 (no C log.. huge files, crop factor) that they may want to destroy it even more on the 6D to keep price high on 5D4 as flagship. Don’t dream too much

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    Was really hope to have a new autofocus system instead of the bland 45 point one they been using for years now. Just a modification form the 1ds Mark III I believe.

    • Caerolle

      They could even put in the 19-point one and it would be a big step up. Main reason I got rid of my 6D, AF barely one step up from the lowest-rung Rebel. Great IQ, frustrating to get focus.

  • Tim Evans

    As someone who is waiting to move up from his T4i and who not interested in video, the lack of 4k doesn’t trouble me. I fully understand how it is troubling to people who are much more into video than I, but it’s not like Canon has a great track record with 4k.

    Honestly, I’ll be more disappointed if it winds up only having a single card slot.

  • Caerolle

    My recollection is that the rumor sties never know anything accurate for Canon until about a week before the announcement, including this one.

  • Fred Beiderbecke

    Any word on GPS? I thought I saw it last year in some of the rumors but not recently.

  • Abdulrahman Almoghamis

    Mark my words … 6D mark ii will come with hybrid viewfinder which will be revolutionary and will kill the need for mirrorless … I have said this before and you will see …

  • I hope they don’t drop GPS on this model

  • man

    Maybe 4K isn’t a big deal if it supports H.265 HEVC standard like the Mac.

  • man

    I’m hoping the dimensions are not bigger. I like the “comparable to crop” size.

  • Shield Block

    no 4k on a $2000 camera?

    my $450 smartphone has 4k

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