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More unreleased Canon gear leaks through certification authority (5 lenses coming)

More Unreleased Canon Gear Leaks Through Certification Authority (5 Lenses Coming)

Nokishita updated the list of unreleased Canon gear leaked through a certification authority. Besides some new bits about gear we already knew, there are also five lenses we can now be sure will be released in the next months (4 of them leaked previously).

  • DS 126721 (one of the two upcoming full frame mirrorless cameras)
    • Interchangeable lens camera (single lens reflex or full size mirrorless)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • Battery: LP-E6 / LP-E6N (or equivalent)
    • The same radio parts as KissM
  • PC 2352 (most likely a PowerShot camera)
    • Digital camera
    • made in Japan
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • Size: 110.1 x 63.8 x 39.9 mm
  • Interchangeable lenses (SKUs):
    • 2439C005AA
    • 2959C005AA
    • 2963C005AA
    • 2972C005AA
    • 3045C005AA

As you can see no specifications so far for the new lenses. However, we are sure among the list is the next Canon prime lens for the EOS M system, a 32-35mm lens with either f/1.8 or f/1.4. Let’s hope it’s the latter. The other lenses in the list may be “L” lenses and a new kit lens.

There is more unannounced Canon gear recently discovered, possibly the EOS 7D Mark III, EOS 80D replacement, and the EOS M5 Mark II we expect to be announced before Photokina 2018.

All Canon rumors are listed here.

Stay tuned.

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