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There Might Be No New Canon EOS R (high resolution) Camera in 2019 [CW2]

There Might Be No New Canon EOS R (high Resolution) Camera In 2019 [CW2]
The Canon EOS R. High resolution model coming in 2020?

There has been some rumoring that Canon might announce a high resolution EOS R camera in 2019. Nikon has one, the Z 7, so it appears to be plain logic that Canon will follow.

Apparently not. Latest rumors reaching us suggest the high resolution EOS R camera will not ship in 2019, and that’s likely to be a 2020 affair.

We’re not sure what to think about this rumor. Canon itself said they will announce six new RF lenses in 2019, most clearly aimed to a high resolution sensor, so it seems a bit strange they would hold back the exactly camera that could exploit those lenses. The rumor suggests Canon might withhold the high res body until CP+ 2020.

Now for the stranger part. Same rumor says a “high end” EOS R will be announced within 2019. A contradictory statement and that’s when we decided to downgrade the rumor to CW2.

Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors

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