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Upcoming High Resolution Canon EOS R Might Have Up to 80MP

Canon Eos R Firmware Update

We have been told (thanks) that the upcoming high resolution Canon EOS R camera might have a resolution of 80MP.

We are not sure what to think about this, for the time being. The last rumor we got about the high res EOS R body, was that it will have resolution that’s higher than the new Sony a7R IV (having 61MP).

The rumored resolution for this EOS R body has always been something around 75MP. A resolution of 80MP is new to us. However, it’s possible. Canon for sure has the know how and the manufacturing facilities to make such a sensor. Moreover, it seems quite clear that Canon wants to regain the crown of full frame sensor resolution.

As you probably know, we think that Canon will not release a new iteration of the EOS 5Ds/EOS 5Ds R. Instead, most likely, Canon will release a mirrorless version to replace these cameras. Given that the EOS 5Ds/EOS 5Ds R have a resolution of 50MP, and given the fact they were released in 2015, a jump to 80MP doesn’t seem that much a stretch. And it’s just 5MP more than the so far rumored resolution. Finally, we have reasons to believe the upcoming high res EOS R has already undergone field testing.

What do you think? Stay tuned…

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