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The White Kiss is a Rebel SL1/EOS 100D (with white EF 40mm f/2.8 lens)

White Kiss

So, next murmuring about the upcoming white Canon DSLR (see here too).

According to digicame-info (translated) it will be a white version of the Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D in EU, Kiss X7 in Japan). The fancy news: there will be a white version of the EF 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens (makes sense). The specs (machine translated):

  • Painted white high quality with reduced gloss.
  • Specs are the same as the current Kiss X7 [Rebel Sl1/EOS 100D].
  • Kit lens EF40mm F2.8 STM and F3.5-5.6 IS STM EF-S18-55mm.
  • F2.8 STM EF40mm to become the white of the same color and body.

No new Rebel before X-Mas, but an X-Mas-white Rebel instead. :-)

  • Max

    Wow, all the talk about FF Sony mirrorless, OM-D, Nikon Df….here comes the big news. A white Canon!

    • One More Thought

      Max writes: “Wow, all the talk about FF Sony mirrorless, OM-D, Nikon Df….here comes the big news. A white Canon!”

      The funny thing is that in spite of the internet chatter and technical merits, the white Canon will probably outsell all of those other cameras you mentioned, as the white SL1 is aimed at a much larger market of users. Most camera sales are more in the price point range of the SL1.

      So the white SL1 may not be a better technical camera, but it will probably sell more.

      • Admin

        and btw the SL1 is a great performing DSLR with an extremely small size

        • One More Thought

          You are correct…the SL1 is quite a great camera, and the size is amazing. More than enough for most consumers.

      • Max

        I’m not saying that Canon is bad, I use them and from the selling point you will be right, BUT what I don’t like about Canon these days is their approach not to come out with something “inspiring”, something new and different. But they will react next year….i hope….

  • That’s disappointing =/ not even a single feature upgrade…

  • Doug


  • ste wei

    LOL! WHAT A JOKE! what happened with canon?

  • Gabriel

    40mm is a perfect focal for FF camera, but on aps-c the 60mm equiv is far for usefull.

  • bibi

    Canon will have to put innovative products on the market shortly or this brand will suffer in 2014…Wake up Canon !!!

    • Dave

      On the contrary, I think the last few years have told us that canon (and nikon) DON’T have to innovate in order to dominate the market.

  • Another Thought

    My thesis is this: we are all a bit spoiled by the state of modern technology. We want more, more, more and every single day.

    The cameras we have today are amazing…far outstripping what the pro’s used just a few years ago, at a fraction of the cost.

    When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he commented that one is lucky to work on 1 breakthrough product in a lifetime. Steve arguably worked on 4: the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, and iPad. Even these could be seen as a continuum: the personal computer, and then the post PC devices. But of course it is extremely rare to be a Steve Jobs.

    In most technology areas, you get a rare breakthrough, and then a lot of iterative, more incremental improvements.

    Let’s look at Canon, a company derided as not innovating any longer. We’ll go back only 8 years. Well, they came up with the first affordable FF dslr in a standard body size in the 5D. A real breakthrough. With the 5d2 they basically launched the entire dslr video revolution (though they were not the first with dslr video, they were the first to hit it big in this area). That’s a pretty big deal. With the new 70D they’ve introduced this dual pixel AF tech, which is really great. It is and will be a big deal with consumers going forward, as Canon eventually places it on all of their models.

    They’ve come up with the tiny dslr, the SL1, which while maybe not the most advanced camera, is still very very good and a really incredible size.

    Their other products are all excellent and of very high quality. Certainly, no matter what your photographic needs, you can meet them with Canon products.

    Someday we will get something shockingly new: something like the organic sensor, a liquid lens, etc…but those are not everyday, or every year occurrences. I think the problem is less with companies like Canon not innovating, and more with the public perception having changed.

    The appetite for something always new has grown even faster than tech has advanced, at least among the internet techie crowd. Most average consumers look at Canon and think “wow…what an amazing product…I wonder if it’s too much for me.”

    In many regards those of us who read websites like this and bother to post comments are like car enthusiasts who microanalyze the news of a new Ferrari or Porsche, while forgetting that most people buy Toyotas, Fords, etc.

    • vilo

      Well said, Sir

    • Jun

      Great writing. So agree.

  • e

    “Another Thought”
    loved your comment!
    very well put.

  • will

    “We’ll go back only 8 years. Well, they came up with the first affordable FF dslr in a standard body size in the 5D. A real breakthrough. ”

    I still have this one has my only camera and still loving it :)

  • physica

    Good fit to use it together with WHITE version of 18-55 & 50 F1.8 II , wow!!

    50 F1.8

    EF-S 18-5 F3.5-5.6 IS

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