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Yet another set of specifications for Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera

Canon Rumors Canon Full Frame Mirrorless

A set of specifications for Canon’s upcoming full frame mirrorless camera(s) is making its rounds on the web. There are some educated speculations on previously rumored stuff and on recent leaks at Japanese site Nokishita.

According to Nokishita, Canon might have registered up to two full frame mirrorless cameras at wireless certification authorities. Of these, one, now universally named “the flagship”, according to certification data seems to have a 30MP sensor. This is the resolution of the sensor in the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. This led to assume Canon might feature the sensor of the 5D4 (or a close variation of it) on their highly anticipated full frame mirrorless camera. The 5D4 was released in August 2016. Canon’s flagship FF MILC is supposed to be released in mid 2019 (more below). And while the 5D4 is a powerhouse, that would mean Canon featuring a 3 years old sensor on what is rumored to be the company’s flagship MILC. Such a flagship Canon FF MILC is quite unlikely in our opinion.

The second Canon full frame mirrorless camera is sort of speculation. Nokishita reported two code names leaked through a certification authority (DS 126721 and K433). So far we can only suppose one of these is another Canon full frame mirrorless cameras. They might, though, but it’s speculation. However, the second, lower tier Canon FF MILC is rumored to sport a 24MP sensor. This too puzzles us a bit. After all the heat and the waiting, how can Canon releases a FF MILC with only 24MP in 2019? It’s a high resolution world.

Other bits concerning Canon’s FF MILC(s) that have been suggested are the possibility of a “removable EVF on one of the cameras” and a “sexy solution” for the mount. Concerning the latter, you likely know that there have been rumors Canon might feature the EF mount on their FF MILC instead of a new mount type. It’s still unclear what is going to happen. I guess “sexy solutions” are on everyones wish list. Despite the appeal of such a solution, most of us would prefer an EF mount.

Finally, the announcement. We did get contradicting hints and apparently so did others. If Canon is indeed working on two full frame mirrorless cameras, their announcement might not happen at the same time. An announcement in late 2018 is still a possibility, but so is a 2019 announcement. If a Canon full frame mirrorless camera is coming 2018 we should have first serious leaks very soon.

All Canon full frame mirrorless rumors are listed here.

Stay tuned…

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